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Published: 2020-02-22 12:31:38
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Early Adulthood (18-35 years old) is a time of peak biological performance for both men and women. It is therefore a period where illnesses are constantly low and admission in hospitals is minimal. However, despite this fact, there are still prevalent factors that affect young people. Aside from biology and/or health, early adulthood might develop psychological problems due to societal role conflict, independence and the prospect of settling down. According to Erik Erikson, early adulthood is a time wherein people tends to become more intimate or isolated.

Whichever the case, young adults becomes more serious and more likely to be responsible. Primarily, young adults focus on taking responsibility of themselves and the ones they care about. Most of them assume civic and parental responsibilities. Others are more concerned with their profession and look forward for plans towards the future. Young adults are more concerned with practical matters and think critically and realistically. They avoid childish acts as established by the culture or societal belief.

The possibility of health problems starts with the increase of sexual activity which is typical for young adults. Thus, although they are in good health, they still can acquire diseases such as STDs and other communicable diseases. Accordingly, 90% of STDs are acquired by people who are below 30 yrs. old. Aside from this, about 50% of all pregnancies are said to be unintended. It is also during early adulthood that people tends to work less strenuous jobs. More likely, people work in offices where they spend most of the time sitting.

Thus, body fat increased significantly during this period which if left unchecked might lead to obesity or other complications. Lastly, it is the time wherein people formed bonds and spend time together. As stated above, it is during this age that people try to be intimate with others. This does not solely apply to a special someone but to find a group where one belongs. Night outs and various parties are popular during this period, wherein both males and females tend to under sleep, overeat and drink alcohol.

Obesity and addiction to cigarette, alcohol and other drugs can also arise as a result of societal pressure and roles. A person also tries to determine what kind of career he/she will later on pursue during this age. Isolation can happen in a young adult if he/she is depressed or has previous psychological problem rooted in abuse/s and/or broken homes. This is a negative attribute since communication and relationship with other people are highly limited if a person tries to isolate him/herself from other people.

Societal identity issues are also pervasive, since roles are mostly relative and obsolete at the same time. A person in this age, still function as a child but might also be a parent at the same time. Most of the Psychological problems that appear during early adulthood is correlated with he fact that they become more socially aware of their environment. They are presented with new responsibilities and new choices that are not available for them in previous years.

Aside from this, young adults are also vulnerable to several types of influence because they are often unprepared and inexperience about working and starting ones own family. References: Lash, SC. Early Adulthood: A Focus on Social Roles. Retrieved on October 22, 2008, from http://syp5105-01. fa04. fsu. edu/guide6-dep5068. html Preiser. (1997). Early Adulthood. Developmental Psychology Student Netletter. Retrieved on October 24, 2008 from http://www. mc. maricopa. edu/dept/d46/psy/dev/early_adult/

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