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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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He shows his fear in the last page where he finds out that he is the only man to protect his family: Alex was aware again of his heart thumping. There were four of them, and only himself, with his wife and daughter . Suzanne gives a bottle of beer to Wirut and it seems that Wirut havent tasted it before. The beer is something new for him. He gets a little excited. Eileen gets more relaxed when she realizes that they are also human beings and they behave as human beings. Eileen picked up the beer bottle Wirut had opened for her, and sat down beside Suzanne (¦

) Alex heard the words, and looked up. She should have sounded anxious. But she didnt. So no one was responding, reassuring him. He felt suddenly deserted . In this quotation Alex shows more of his fear because now Eileen doesnt keep Alex fear covered up. He realizes that he has responsible for his family. This place was dangerous. Danger on all sides. The heat. The dark. The men. The forest . This quotation illustrates that his fear takes over. He thinks that everything in Thailand is dangerous. Suzanne tries to calm his father down. But Alex freaks more out.

He thinks that the four men are dangerous and they could be up to anything. He is getting more prejudiced towards the four guys. He doesnt trust the four guys because they are strangers and they are in a foreigner country where their culture, language and race are different. He realizes that his wife is chatting with the four guys and he calms down. As we can see in this quotation: Energy, life, was flooding back into him(¦ ) Alex felt he had never seen anything so beautiful . When he and his family are in the car, for the first time Alex realizes how beautiful Thailand is and he enjoys his vacation.

The story Eating sugar can be related to text 4 and text 5. Text 4 discusses about trust between cultures. When you are a tourist it is hard to trust someone you dont know, also for the reason that they have different kinds of culture, language and race, short said they are strangers. They are more impersonal when they have encounter with the other as it is illustrated in the text. It is easy for the tourists to create an other, because as it says in the text; impersonal relationship is hard to communicate with or share social and interpersonal meaning.

According to text 4 the native and the tourist defines us in opposition to them. We can relate text 4 with Eileen and Alex. They are very scared and prejudiced when they meet the four Thai men. They dont trust them and they are also afraid of them because they are different from them. In text 5 there is a picture, where we can see a man and a woman who is in vacation. They have holiday clothes on. We can relate the man and the woman with Eileen and Alex because they are also in vacation. B. ) English has reached high status world-wide because it is the mother tongue of millions of people all over the world.

English is used to establish and keep connection and relationship between people with different backgrounds from different cultures. We are able to communicate with people in almost all countries all over the world and it is a good thing. As we can see in the text Eating sugar Suzanne and the four Thai men can communicate although, the four Thai men are not that good to speak English, but they do understand each other. If you are tourist it is good to have a global language as English because if you are lost somewhere, then you can speak English, so they can help you out.

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