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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Russell also shows the gain in relationship between Frank and Rita as Rita goes to tell Frank about the trip before she tells anybody else. Russell shows the relationship developing as he invites the audience to consider how Ritas community has turned their back on her which is shown in Denny and Ritas relationship but Franks community have opened arms to her as Frank and Ritas Relationship develop. Rita has lost just as much as gained throughout the play; she has most importantly lost Denny, her old partner.

This is mentioned in Act 1 Scene 8. The writer tells us this in Rita and Franks conversation, she says, I got home from work, hed packed me case. He said I either stop comin here an come off the pill or I could get out all together We know that Frank is concerned about this when he almost forces this explanation out of her when he sees the suitcase. We see that in this scene Rita has a big transfer from being with Denny to leaving him and having a stronger relationship with Frank.

Rita has also lost smaller areas throughout the play, these include her losing acceptance in the community/working class world, and this is shown in scene 5 when Denny burns Ritas books showing that if she wants to be part of that world she cannot keep doing the Open University course but she persists. In Franks opinion, Rita has gained from all of this as she leaves her past behind to become the new mature woman, and she does not have people guarding her way. Rita gains many new friend in the play, Russell introduces, Trish, Ritas flat mate, Frank, Ritas tutor, and Tiger, a friend Rita met on campus.

These relationships grow rapidly and strongly that she gets two invites abroad. This develops a large choice of Ritas future, this includes going to France with tiger shown as she says to Frank Tiger asks me to go down to France with his mob. In addition, she has the opportunity to go to Australia, this is in Act 2 Scene 7 as Rita finds Frank packing his books away and he invites her to come, after a long conversation, he still brings up Australia saying You know erm I hear very good things about Australia. Things are just beginning there.

The thing is, why dont you come as well? This shows the relationship between Frank and Ritas relationship has become closer as he asks her to go to Australia with him and he is trying to convince Rita to come. Most importantly Rita gains a new her, she gains her old name Susan, this is finalised when she says to Frank Rita? Rita? Nobody calls me Rita but you, I dropped that pretentious crap when I saw what it was. she also talks and acts differently; she does not speak using slang and does not develop attitudes towards people as she used to nearer the beginning of the play.

Her change in register is quite drastic throughout the play at the beginning of the play she uses many abbreviations and does not pronounce her endings of words, whilst at the end she uses a wider range of English grammar, good pronunciation and does not use as many abbreviations. During the play, Russell shows a beginning and ending to the performance as he shows all Rita has lost and gained in a good approach and she finishes the story in a good approach to cutting Franks hair. Cutting Franks hair symbolises the ending of the play, Rita does Frank a favour by cutting his hair as he taught her so they have an equal status.

This could also symbolise that Rita is breaking free from her old self and has finally transformed. Lastly, it shows the developed close relationship between the two characters, as Frank trusts Rita to cut his hair. This is the main thing that Rita sets out to do at the beginning of the play and when she achieves it, Russell shows that however much Rita has lost and gained she has completed all she wanted. ?? ?? ?? ?? Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section. Download this essay Print Save Not the one? Search for

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