Education: Your First Ticket to a Journey Called Life Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Every schools, universities, or institutions have their own mission for their students to hone their skills but all of them has one goal, it is to produce intelligent and productive graduates, for them to produce educated men. But what is an educated man? For me, an educated man is someone who studied very well who always work hard and doing efforts in school and most especially who finished his studies with excellence. Mr. Jovito Salonga did a really good job on giving different citations that will justify what an educated man really is.

I got his point that an educated man do not refer to those people who is really fond of reading, the problem to us Filipinos, we all have the ability to read but we dont know what reading materials are worth reading for, that is why we often have low quality of education here in the Philippines.. And with my observation to my fellow Filipinos especially to the young ones, they are fond of reading showbiz magazines, comics and other non-essential reading materials and if you let them read a story or novel, they can read but the dont know how to comprehend.

And I also agreed on his comparison between Philippines and Japan. Philippines is a rich country in terms of natural resources that we Filipinos are our source of food and often in our livelihood. But still, our country dont have sufficient skills to make our country great that is why we are one of the third world countries while Japan is a poor country in terms of natural resources and even tested by calamities like the deadly tsunami in 2011 and killed many lives but we can see now that Japan stood up and recovered simple because it has people of abundant skills.

Education is a mans stepping stone to a better and brighter life. Its a way of improving and enhancing their skills and education is the first and important ticket to a long journey called life. Mr. Jovito Salongas An Educated Man is one of the best and inspirational speech a student can ever hear or read. He gave a great emphasis on what an educated man really is. Many factors are considered to say that a person is an educated man but Mr. Salonga broke the unusual outlook in an educated man.

When I read the title An Educated Man, I have this own perspective on what was the content of the speech. I expected it to be inspirational and it is really inspirational but my mistake is, I thought an educated man will just depend on how much he reads often and how many books he already read and how many facts and information are piled up on his mind but through the speech, I had y his clear understanding about a real educated man. As I read it, I was so inspired and in the back of my mind , I had this big determination to push through and do my best in my studies.

I realized it is not really about how many medals and awards you had but it is about how you live your life and at the same time apply the learnings you had when you were still studying. Like what other people say, at the end of your life of being a student, you cant always use your medals and awards in this complicated life, it is not always how you did good in school but it is sometimes how you go through and how you excel outside the four-cornered room and how you face the realities of life. In Mr.

Salongas speech, he wasnt intended to say or mean that a students hardwork of memorizing a lot and reading hundred of books are a waste of time but he was just trying to imply that far more important than the making of a living, is a living of life. In connection to Mr. Salongas An Educated Man, I am a future educator, a future provider of wisdom and knowledge to my students. Aside from sustaining and providing my students an enough knowledge, I also want to share my thoughts and experiences through teaching.

I want to touch lives and I guess it is good and overwhelming to see little children grow up and transform from being childish and immature to a man that should be. I want to inspire students not just by showing them how good I am academically but how I grew up as a teacher. Because for me, teaching is not just a profession, its a life. Educators are the light of every students path, they just not simply stood up in front of the class and teach, they also guide the students because it will reflect to the student if you are really a good teacher.

Students should not just acquire knowledge but apply every lesson they got to their teacher because it is the partnership of a teacher and a student that produce an educated man plus factor is the experience. An educated man is not just an great and intelligent but a man with courage and passion and a man who has a positive outlook in life and a man that still looks up above and thank Him even hoe successful he is now. Like Mr. Salonga said, an educated man should be living a good, meaningful and abundant life. In conclusion, it is better to have two good qualities to show what an educated man is.

For me, they should have great mind and at the same time the courage and hardwork to accomplish every task life has to give. Education has a really great impact on a persons future and it is really a great factor on honing a persons brighter and successful life. Education is just a start of your journey in this cruel and silly. After graduation and outside the four-cornered room will be the realities and it is in your own hands how you will excel in life because in life it is not anymore getting high grades and awards, it is now how you face every challenge and survive.

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