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Published: 2020-02-18 23:21:33
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Dealing with pollution issues at the local level would provide EU and national authorities responsible for environment issues with extra time to deal with more pressing issues, reason being that communities would take responsibility over simple issues. This would be a great shit from the current arrangement where authorities deal with wide range of environmental issues. In addition, it shall be possible for these authorities to improve their monitoring mechanisms over localities. This monitoring would be less tasking than the current one because members of these communities would well understand regional expectations.

Efficiency in communication between communities and authorities would help in dealing with local concerns. The current situation where all measures are developed and implemented at the EU level would be diminished, meaning the end of inefficiencies that has for long characterised operations. In this regard, resources that have for long been directed at financing programs at the regional level will be directed to the local areas. This will mean that it would be up to the local communities to consider what they would do with the resources.

Any misuse would mean poor implementation of pollution policies and thus leave communities behind neighbours in quality. In addition, members of local communities would have greater incentive of ensuring that authorities are implementing the plans and utilising resources in the right manner. Implementation of this programme would help reduce the amount of work to be done in Brussels headquarters. As abovementioned, policymakers at EU and national level would be left with the responsibility of developing winning mechanisms, whereas local communities are tasked with ensuring that implementation has been done.

This division of labour would lead to a situation where stakeholders are left with tasks that they can perform efficiently. In addition, the same stakeholders would be able to monitor each others work, meaning that problems would be pointed and brought under control well before they escalate to chaos levels, both of which rarely happens with current systems. Localisation of decision making and implementation processes would also aid in the development of preventative measures regarding pollution control. One reason for this advantage is that individuals would be able to understand costs associated with their implementation programs.

For instance, communities facing higher costs of cleaning their environment would be the only ones feeling financial pains. On the other hand, localities having lower costs of cleaning their environment would be admired by neighbours and thus force such community to continue with the winning procedures.. This would essentially happen when local resources are used in implementation stages, that is, no national or EU resources would be used in these stages. When this happens, communities would be forced to adopt preventative measures in order to avoid costs. This process of taking decision making processes is not new or unique to EU.

Indeed, this has been the trend world over, where local communities are made into accepting responsibilities for their actions. Indeed, the entire world is quickly moving towards localisation of decisions and implementation of processes affecting communities. This is being occasioned by demand for efficiency in both private and public operations. Therefore, EU is set to increase efficiency in the implementation of pollution control measures. This means that EU residents should not shy away from adapting to the new ways of solving pressing public issues, because only then can efficiency be achieved.

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