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Published: 2020-02-13 21:50:06
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Category: Empathy

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It all started when they moved in at our place. I have this impression formed that she was such a liberated, crazy and irresponsible woman. A woman who always thinks of her boyfriend. She was so obsessed with her relationship with him. She was so possessive that she even gets jealous with us, her neighbors. I really hated and disliked her for that. When I found out that she shot her boyfriend in bed, my grudge against her was just overwhelming. For me she was a murderer, a woman who does not think about her tomorrow and just thinks of the present.

My negative views towards her covered her real character. If I found out that I was wrong, of course, I will be willing to change the opinion I have held against her. I think it is not fair for her for me to continue seeing her in the way that she is really not. For me it would not be shameful to accept that I was wrong in what I thought she was and I am willing to accept and change it for I know it will also bring peace within me. If given a chance to change the basic relationship, I certainly would do it.

I want to have a fresh start again regarding how I knew her. I want to erase in my memories all my negative feelings towards her. I want to give myself a chance to know her better, the real her. The impression I first noticed about her created the negative feelings I had. I was too judgmental to her, even if I did not know the real story behind what really had happened. I thought she was the kind of person any person in this world would totally hate but I was wrong.

I have given her a grudge without her knowledge and I think it is totally unfair. For me to change our basic relationship is to talk to her first, say everything I have inside against her. I want to be honest in what I feel so that I would be able to encourage her to show more her real self, her other side that I know deserves to be respected. And maybe after talking to her would lead other events to happen but I guess it is just too late because I just moved out of state.

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