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Published: 2020-01-30 10:21:42
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What is the topic sentence ” A father plays an important role in the personality development of a person.

What is the topic ” My Father

What is the main point ” Father is blessing of God.

Example Used to Support the Main Point ” I have been blessed to have him not only as a dad, but also as a teacher, a leader and an example of how to be a responsible adult and loving parent.

What detail(s) is/are used to make the first example stronger and easier to understand?  In the sentence the father is called as a blessing of God who is playing not only a role of a parent but also a teacher and a leader. Father has been pictured as an example of a responsible person and a loving parent.

Instance of using coordination ” He was involved in every aspect of our lives from school to sports and even discipline.

Two instances of using subordination 1) Of course, as kids we did not like to answer for ourselves, but now as a parent, I understand and am grateful for the example he set. 2) Many of my successes as an adult ” in my education, my career and as a wife and mother ” I owe to my Dad and how he raised me.

Conclusion Sentence Fathers have a great influence in the life of children.

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