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Published: 2020-02-15 22:42:59
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I am Gabriela IANCU. I want to do my majors in Graphic Design. I inherited taste for art and painting from my parents. My father, Gabriel, also painted. My mother, Lidia, also excited me for the drawing; she works in fashion design in Paris. My taste for the drawing and the color developed from my very childhood. At the age of 13, I attended the classes of a local School of Arts over the period of three years. I also painted icons on glass and wood; the icons on glass are very common in Romanian museums, the churches and monasteries.

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My hobbies are painting, piano, classical music, photography, swimming and travel. I did my first bachelors degree in business Information Systems with majors in computer science and Economics and second bachelors degree in information and system technology with majors in information and management. I also did diploma in fine arts with majors in Painting and Drama. I possess computer skills like HTML, PHP, DreamWeaver, CPanel, CSS, layouts, CMS, learning platforms, Adobe Premier 7. 0 and CS3, Adobe PhotoShop 7.

0 and CS3, Adobe In-Design CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3 etc. , which are applicable in graphic design and are taught in mater degree programs. In the past I have worked on or Collaborated with others on some graphic design projects. My objectives of pursuing my masters in graphic design are: ¢ To nurture further my natural and inherited tendencies in the field of Art. ¢ To enhance my skills and knowledge in the field of Art. ¢ To polish and make use of what I have learnt during past educational career.

¢ To further my creativity, imagination and ingenuity. ¢ To develop critical thinking and inquiry skills. ¢ To master use of new technologies in graphic field. ¢ To grow professionally in the field of advertising. ¢ To meet the growing demand of the field which I am going to join, i. e. , the field of advertising; the Graphic Design degree would go a long way in enhancing my abilities for this field. After pursing my master degree I would like to work as a graphic designer in an advertising or multimedia agency/company.

I would like to excel in those courses and programs which are helpful in enhancing my abilities and skills for the field of advertising; some of them have already been studied by me during my bachelor degree and I have been making use of some of them at present; it includes courses like animation, drawing, Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash, 3D Studio MAX, etc. I have bright educational career in which I had showed excellent performance and hope I would perform well during the master program in Graphic Deign and pass this program with distinction.

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