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Published: 2019-12-16 19:41:20
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As per 2007 Annual Report, Walt Disney had the following initiatives in the following areas: under Studio Entertainment, franchises and original pioneering digital productions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Cars and High School Musical including the Blu-ray® technology, the new high definition home entertainment viewing. Animated movies pervaded the period with box office hits like Ratatouille and Wall-E.

Under Parks and Resorts, the year 2007 was a dream year at Disney Parks and Resorts with The Year of a Million Dreams opening the park to overnight stay. Other initiatives include the Walt Disney Imagineering technology used for Finding Nemo, with interactive attraction on a high-energy 4-D in Toy Story and the Tower of Terror, the small world dolls which were a source of high-quality entertainment.

In Disneyland Resort Paris, guests experience exhilarating rides through dazzling coral reefs, dark deep-sea waters and sunken submarines aboard Crushs Coaster. Along Consumer Products initiatives include a High School Musical flat-panel television, a popular Nintendo DSâ„¢ video game with new Disney characters, wedding dresses inspired by Disney Princesses and a best-selling Disney Fairies sequel novel were just a few of many new products that took the Disney brand to new heights in 2007.

In 2007, DCPs collaborated with bridal designer Kirstie Kelly for the Disney Princess line. Disney Fairies has mushroomed into a powerful global franchise with DisneyFairies. com having more than a million hits. Also, DCPs infant and preschool sector flourished, toys designed to be interactive with parents and child. The New Baby Einstein feeding products were a hit with parents who welcomed the shape-and color-coded line into meal time.

The Walt Disney Internet Group initiated the online and mobile interactive entertainment content in international markets and across platforms by connecting to mobile devices via a new wireless Web site. Under Corporate Social Responsibility, support was provided to Childrens Hospital in California and Florida with a total $15 million for a 200-bed facility and new wing. Also, a pioneering campaign for a balanced nutrition on foods and healthier meals in the park and resorts enhanced with no-smoking issues.

Other initiatives were the VoluntEARS program for global outreach for local communities which provided $177 million assistance and another assistance for the victims of Hurricane Katrina; the Make-AWishTM Foundation granting thousands of wishes over the year; also donations to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, the Boys & Girls Club of America, the Starlight Starbright Childrens Foundation and UNICEF, for the thousands of kids around the world; the Environmentalityâ„¢ program, which handles company efforts in energy conservation, waste management, alternative power and fuels and wildlife protection.

Other initiatives were the zero-emission, cleaner-burning biodiesel fuel for the steam engine trains at Disneyland and certain vehicles used by Disney Cruise Line. Further, conservation programs at various Disney facilities continued to cut energy usage and waste; the Woodland Trust and the Hundred Acre and the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund encourages children and families to plant trees, protecting wildlife and ecosystems; promoting responsible labor standards, outlines minimum working conditions and standards in Disney-oriented factories; also remediation plans in educational and monitoring programs.

The initiatives taken by the company are parts of the organizational strategy designed by and for Walt Disney Company. This is in response to the tight competitive entertainment world in which Walt Disney is a major player.

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Walt Disney Company, Annual Report, 2007. Retrieved May 19, 2009; website: http://corporate. disney. go. com/investors/annual_reports/2007/index. html

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