Ethics and Values in sport Essay

Published: 2019-12-15 10:52:47
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My name is Monique Stanley, I have been recently appointed Assistant Club Development Officer in the local Sports and leisure department.

My role is varied and challenging with major focus on Ethics and Values in sport and the ever increasing role sports plays in many aspects of society.

This includes;

* Ensuring local sports clubs are aware of the need to be equitable and child friendly

* Helping clubs develop codes of practice that govern all members

* Ensuring all clubs are aware of the principles, values and ethics associated with sport

* Helping organisations access funding opportunities

* Ensuring barriers to participation are reduced for all sedctors of society

Sport plays an important role in the development of young people, it has been proven when sports and physical activities are included in Education. Children learn new skills in life, for example building confidence, accepting rules,making decisions, team working,communication skill,leadership,discipline and one I find important in sport Fair Play. I could go on giving more skills sports develops, but i have just pointed out a few.

Ethics in the sports environment is described as rules (i.e. Code of Conduct) that should be followed by all participants in sports.

Ethics promote discipline and keep sporting environments fair and fun. Ethics give an equal opportunity for everyone.

Values in sport is your involvement and belief that sport should be enjoyable and respectful.

Respect is important in sport as you should always respect the rules, the officials,the other people participating and yourself. You should always treat others how you would like to be treated No matter what their Race, Disability, Gender, or Age.

Ethics and Values are important because they rule out Right from Wrong.

If your club has a strong commitment towards values and ethics in sport then it will become a bigger more enjoyable and comfortable enviroment for participants.This will interest more and more young people it will also bring the club more revenue for more sports facilities. So having stong commitment towards Ethics and Values pays off.

The consequences of not giving sufficient attention to Ethics and Values can be a major disadvantage, as it can lead to young people leaving your club, your club will not be promoted well, therefore the club will lose out by money and participants, therefore the facilities will be poor and it could even result in the club being closed down.

Ethics and Values are a part of the sporting world.

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