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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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The circumstances when the two characters first meet are quite different. When we first meet Pip he is an innocent young boy. He is crying when he meets the convict. He is said to be a small bundle of shivers. This makes Pip appear small, weak, scared and lonely. But Abel Magwith is a dark and lonely person who is a dare devil and an escaped convict he is said to be a fearful man with a great iron on his leg. The circumstances are different in chapter 39 than in chapter one.

Pip is now a man and Abel Magwith is a lot different, when the two characters first meet, Abel is a fearful man and Pip is angel like, but now Abel is nicer, he is still a convict on the penalty of death, but is nicer towards Pip. The setting in the first chapter is eerie and builds suspense. The writer says the dark flat wilderness, the fact that it is dark shows that the air is consumed by fear and unawareness. Also the word wilderness shows that the area was unsightly and not unmanaged plus it shows that the area would be scary and unknown to both Pip and to the reader.

But in chapter 39 the setting is quiet and a lot brighter. The surroundings are lighter and the characters are happier. They also show a grave contrast of Pip as a boy to when he is a man. The settings in the two chapters give the reader different views on the characters. The settings in chapter 1 give Pip an effect of an innocent little boy who cries a lot, and it makes Abel Magwith appear an old, dark man that bullies and threatens little kids. And in chapter 39, Pip appears stronger, no longer scared of the convict.

Abel appears older, he seems scared, in one part he breaks out in tears, that shows that he is no longer evil and is now more emotional which helps Pip be less scared of him. Dickens uses language to really emphasize the presentation of the characters. Ill cut your throat, that line from the convict in Chapter 1 creates the impression that he is an evil and threatening man. But in chapter 39 he breaks out in tears and says to Pip that hes been sending all his money to him, to make a gentleman out of him.

That creates an impression that he has changed, become more emotional and is no longer evil. In Pips line Dont cut my throat, sir, pray dont do it, sir, it shows that he is a weak little boy who prays for his life not to be taken from him. But now he is a man, a lot has changed for him; he is stronger and no longer scared of Abel Magwith. The relationship between the two characters changed in the two chapters. In the first chapter when Pip and Abel first meet, Pip is afraid of him because he is a very threatening man.

But, in chapter 39 Abel appears less threatening; he is still an escaped convict but has appeared to have changed his ways. Overall, I think the story is about a lot more than just a young boy and a convict. I believe Dickens is trying to give a message to the reader. I think that the message he is trying to give is that everyone can learn from their mistakes and everyone has a good and bad side. The man had done wrong he was a convict but he has changed his ways and helps to aid the little boy, by sending him money, proving he has a good and caring side.

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