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Published: 2020-01-16 09:30:29
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Person who prefers vanilla flavor are said to be full of colors, they usually depend on another person and they are said to be needy, they are also said to be an idealistic person and they always tend to take risks (RYCKMAN, 2006). They are also said to be a person who loves an intent or very close relationship with other people, either partner or friends (RYCKMAN, 2006). Double chocolate chunk A person who prefers this type of flavor is said to be enjoying whenever he/she is the attention catcher.

This person is also said to be charming and yet has the personality trait of being flirt (RYCKMAN, 2006). This person also loves and prefers novelty types and is said to hate routinely activities because they are bored by it (RYCKMAN, 2006). 3. Strawberry A person who prefers strawberry flavor is those who are contented being just on of those who follow rather than to be a leader, they prefer working behind the spotlight (RYCKMAN, 2006). They also prefer working being just a part of the team and not as an individual (RYCKMAN, 2006)

4. Coffee a person who prefers this flavor is said to be a dramatic one, hence he/she is flirtatious (RYCKMAN, 2006) They prefer to live with what they have and what they can do in their present situation rather than that of thinking what they could have or what they could do in the future (RYCKMAN, 2006). 5. Banana cream pie A person who prefers this kind of flavor is said to be an easygoing problem, a person who is said to be well-adjust (RYCKMAN, 2006). Is said to be having the trait of being empathetic (RYCKMAN, 2006)

6. Chocolate chip A person who loves this certain flavor is said to be full of ambitions, they tend to do everything to get what they wish to have (RYCKMAN, 2006). They are also said to be a good competitor. They love competing with others (RYCKMAN, 2006). 7. Butter pecan A person with this preference on food flavor is said to be a person who has his/her principles, they also tend to be always abiding rules and they are said to be intelligent (RYCKMAN, 2006).

They are also conscientious, they follow peoples morality and they are also said to be a perfectionist person. Sometimes they tend to compete with others but they are also the ones who tend to criticize their selves (RYCKMAN, 2006). Conclusion Ive learned that there is indeed a relationship between a persons personality trait and his/her preference to food flavors but this is only probabilities.

It is said that different flavors reflects person of who they are, like extravert persons who prefers sweet and is said to be active or hyper. On the other hand, extraversive people do not have any relationship with savory foods. Meanwhile neurotic people are the ones who preferred savory foods rather than that of sweet tasting foods hence there is a weak correlation between them, on the other hand neuroticism personality is said to be very inclined with their emotions whether in a positive or in a negative way.

Therefore as the time passes, there is a lot of evolution that has happened with regards in figuring out personalities of a person, and now, the flavor of food preference can even tell our personality.


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