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Published: 2020-01-23 01:41:49
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Exit interviews are ones that are taken care for an employee who is leaving one organization for taking up another opportunity for her professional growth and prosperity. The various aspects of learning stems from the root that one gets an overview of the organizational process for judging employee retention process and behavior and performance. The components of the exit interview is to judge employee satisfaction, management nurturing policy, management ability, organizational growth and ability to groom an employee with her requirements and so on.

There are many learning factors which one can map out of exit interviews and it precisely depends on ones high power of observation and analytical skills. Exit interview is a final process and compliance of a parting employee with the organization. The general issues regarding her parting and taking up the decision are the factors influencing the process and one can learn a lot from it. The various diverse learning attitudes of exit interviews are as follows: Are company policies towards people management or against their goodwill?

¢ The amount of respect one gets for leaving the organization to pursue their opportunities ¢ The HR policy of the organization to know employee wishes and demands (Insightlink. com, 2008) ¢ The composite attitude of management towards nurturing the employee ¢ The behavioral judgments one desires to make throughout their tenure ¢ The willingness of the organization to know the problems of the employee The desire of the organization to know ones future prospects for joining the organization again

¢ The economic standing of the company with regard to human management ¢ To learn the survey the organizations are in process to retain talent and nurture ¢ The employee satisfaction ratio is judged and one can successfully evaluate the process ¢ Management style in the organization ¢ Whether skills were utilized and training server the needs ¢ The communication process of the organization ¢ The assurance of payment of dues and insurance claims

The exit process is essential as knowing why employees leaves is as important as knowing why they stay as stated by Sarma (2000). Conclusion Exit interviews provide the needed information about the changing patterns of thought process for the employees towards their achievement level and management style one desires to embrace and live in for better performance and prospect. Ones ability to learn and analyze the exit interview goes a long way for making the right amount of impression for influencing future behavioral patterns and appropriate elements for their success.

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