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After reading four of experts opinion, their views can be separate into two. Katherine Franks view and advice seems different from three of others which she thinks Galen was doing a good job whereas the other three are thinking of firing him. John Brown, who is the director of institutional sales and customer relation at Fortis Investments in Boston, has mainly two points: The boss should outline the clear value and principle of business outgoing and how the value system of the organization integrates with employee and clients.

He does agree with build business relationship and trust step by step by using acceptable tactic. There are many other ways can be used in business rather than do something unethical. And be aware the feeling of client for every process during the business, a special gift or sweet regards on the holiday helps the business gaining high marks. Also pay attention of what is the clients religious beliefs or any special need and what may be downright offended of them.

Denise Rousseau is a professor in both Carnegie Mellons Heinz School and Tepper School of business in Pittsburgh. Both John Brown and Denise think that value system is very important and considerable factor in business. She advises the Bob to stop Galens job then find some new sale man who can follow the rule. She has also mentioned the aspect of female employees benefit. A good company should create a fair and positive environment for employee to work and do not feel any discrimination in the working. Other wise, sex discrimination can cause a risk of reputation of the company. We always can see that female employee go to the court with the company for their deserved right and benefit.

Also the company will pay attention of this sensitive topic for the long term development. Another professor is Das Narayandas from Harvard business school in Boston. His idea is mostly similar with the previous experts. He looks the problem in a serious way that Bob has been holding as a hostage by Galen and Bob need to turn the situation into his way. He thinks the biggest mistake is from the CEO Bob. Also Galen may use the company money to satisfy his own need. I do agree with this view: all the problem is from the leader. Bob need to reform and set up new corn value system of the company and also pass his idea and organization culture to all the employees. And newest concept is the service is important as the product and buyer will focus on the other aspects of company also.

Katherine Frank thinks that things like go to stripe club is acceptable in business and two-person sales group would make everyone feel comfortable. She has also indicated that going to strip club can make some customer feel special and relax but not a useful way to generate business because no data can improve that any contract is signed in the club. And also makes some customer feel slightly aberrant and titillating environment. So she does not against to go to strip club but have some doubt of this business tool.

How should Bob Turn His Company around?

The OptiMotors Industry case reflects to several critical issues that manager must undertake sales management, especially heightening ethical selling. After reading experts comments and arguments and according to the professional reference, Several Advices have been given in below, includes reformation of sales department and improvement of internal competitive advantages. According to The Harvard business review article How low will you go (2006), and due to prevention of sell man Galens poisonous selling who had taken his client into a stripper club in order to make a important sale, three of four experts in the article think that he should be fired.

As it is a serious ethical problem, and this kind of problem seems small at first, or even it brings profit for company, however if it happens in long term cooperation , it would be found one day anyway, and at that time, if the scandal is disclosed, it would be a disaster for Optimotor, which could lead company to a break down result. Therefore, we are taking the expertise (fire ethical seller Galen) as the first step for Bobs auto parts company, in order to appease the debate among sale staffs and rebuild the morale of the sales team. Meanwhile, Bob Carlton, as a CEO of the OptiMotors industries, should recognize how important the sales department is in a successful organization.

Thus, the next step is selecting a sales manager over controls sale men. It is indispensable action, because the current sale leader Bob seems not really good at managing his sale people, according his background, he is born technician but had never been referring to too much marketing knowledge in most time of his life. Therefore, Hiring a good sales manager may result in a reduction of his workload and the CEO can spend more time on manufacturing or making big decisions for the firm rather than supervising his personnel sellers which could lead to a worse result.

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