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Published: 2020-02-16 16:40:15
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Conformity is a psychological need to be accepted by others and also a change in belief or behaviour in response to be respected and accepted by a selected group e. g. a change in there choice of clothing, change of attitude ect . . . Pressure plays a major part in the way people conform to each other and become known in a group e. g. dress in fashion ECT . . . People regard themselves as belonging to the group if their behaviour conforms to That of the group Conformity has three main elements for it.

First, it is known to be a Psychological need to be accepted by others, which means that the need comes from Feelings Within the person. A person may feel the need for a number of reasons. Secondly conformity is where someone will change their belief or behaviour in Response to peer pressure from a group / individual. There are a number of Reasons for this Third of all someone will regard themselves as belonging to a group if their behaviour Conforms, or is the same as, that of the group.

Key concepts of conformity is that there is no clear or direct requirement to act in a certain wayThirdly, obedience involves social power and status, which is necessary for the person Giving the instruction to have authority to order or instruct. Where as conformity is feeling the need to be accepted And you can only feel accepted if you alter your behaviour and belief to that of the Group. With obedience you can carry out an order but it might not alter your behaviour Or belief and you might still not feel as though you are accepted as the order is something you have been asked to do not naturally felt like doing.

Conformity is influenced by compliance with common practices. A example of Common practice within a group could be the fact that everyone wears Hoodies and to feel and conform aka belonging to that particular group means you must do the same. Self-esteem could play a large part in conformity in that low self-esteem is a feeling of Isolation and loneliness . When people feel that they belong, their feeling of Isolation improves and this is what they need to feel accepted. Social norms are an influence of conformity because it is part of our nature to socialise

And interact it is the way we have been brought up. If we are not happy with a Particular culture or way of life, we are at liberty to choose one we are happier with. Uniforms are, among other things, an instantly recognisable symbol of unity and Belonging. Just as wearing blue denim jeans is a type of dress code, a uniform of any Description is a sign that someone belongs to a particular group or culture. Asch was a famous psychologist who worked out peoples effectiveness to conformity when put in a private situation and a group situation .

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