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The correlational pattern used for this study explains that the connection or correlation between the two variables which are used is underlying in a measurement (John Davis, 1997). The depiction of the level of the variables relationship or is explained of how close they are to each other are made into a form of a number between the numbers negatives and positives such as -1 and +1, these are what they called the correlation number coefficients (John Davis, 1997). If the result goes to zero correlation, the result is pertaining to negative connection or no relation between the two variables at all (John Davis, 1997).

The way which the correlativeness is indicated is shown by the number signs negative -, and positive +. In which if a said negative connection or relationship rises its score, and then the other one will have a decreasing score (John Davis, 1997). On the contrary, if the result will be at a positive score, the two variables then will both have a result of either increasing or decreasing scores (John Davis, 1997). Extravert person These are people who were told to be having an outgoing trait, showing activeness, and being hyper.

These certain person prefers to stay in the midst of a lot of people every time or all the time (Center, 2000 2007). Basing on the extraversions dimension model, people with these traits tends to be measured by their type of preferences, of which they like most, and their expression and impression towards socializing with other people (Center, 2000 2007). Neurotic person These people are said to be very emotionally sensitive, they are said to be more liable in having an emotional distraction such as being easily upset (Center, 2000 2007).

These kinds of people are said to be easily getting sad and/or guilty, these personalities are for those high scorers of neuroticism or emotional stability (Center, 2000 2007). On the other hand, low scorer persons are those who are emotionally strong, self-secured or can also be considered as self confident, they are also said to be calm even if they face a lot of problems (Center, 2000 2007). It is also often called as anxiety and/or emotional stability (Center, 2000 2007). Second Abstract

This document is one of the evidence that there is really a correlation between peoples preference of the food they eat and their personality traits. These kinds of studies were discovered by certain psychologists and were developing as time passes. Here stated a fast food who asked a certain psychologist from Chicago to ask what certain taste do people prefer more and shockingly they discovered the traits of personality which are correlated to the peoples preference to flavors of food. Document

according to a press release in the past year of 2005, a certain fast food asked a flavorologist about the taste of the fast foods new made sauces. Dr. Allan Hirsch is a psychologist back in Chicago; he is the director of neurology in all taste and even smell-related researches. Sooner they found out that flavor has a certain connection or correlation to a persons personality (KFC, 2005). Dr. Allan Hirsch also said that flavor preference of a certain person plays a lot of essential role to our personality.

He said an example of this is the way a person reveals his/her characteristic of personality by simply expressing their food preference (KFC, 2005). According to their study, those person or people who preferred eating Honey BBQ which is the fast foods sweet with the combination of tangy taste of sauce, they are the once who could take the responsibility or obligation as a leader, they always want to be above all or be the best amongst and that they always wanted to win (KFC, 2005).

Another is that those people with this preference for food lacks patience and that they are used to accepting whenever they lose. On the other hand says the researchers, those who liked savory or those who liked fiery buffalo more than that of the offered sweet foods, they are the ones who were assumed as an easy going person and they are more likely to follow a leader than to be the leader themselves (KFC, 2005).

These people are said to be functioning their best if they were to work inside a group and not as an individual. The research explains that they are the ones who always wanted to work behind anybodys watch; they are not used to be under the spotlight as everyone says (KFC, 2005). Person who preferred savory foods are said to be enjoying team sports than that of those competitive sports. They are said to be a true friend who would never be a traitor and will always be loyal to your friendship (KFC, 2005).

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