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Published: 2017-07-19 01:11:10
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Having a strong faith is definitely not something that you just learn from school. It is not something that can be easily acquired if you do well in school or in life. Faith is something more like a more profound basic need of a person to survive in this life. Having been raised as a Christian, I know how my faith can guide me in the right path even though various trials and tests in life have come to persuade me to retract my faith. However, instead of giving in, it just strengthened my faith more.

As a Christian, I plan on exploring faith and investigating truth at Pepperdine University by means of achieving my goals in the best way that I can. Studying hard and discovering more knowledge can bring me to a much higher level of intelligence which can assist me in learning more about life and faith. However, I must admit that Christian faith is most likely to yield once a person learns more about science; which is why I intend to study in Seaver College where Liberal Arts is the priority.

I believe that an artistic yet rational mind can go beyond the discoveries of science. Literature and Humanities can provide more sensible answers which are not scientifically biased. In conclusion, I intend to excel in my field and participate in different social activities so I can mature into a spiritually developed person who can definitely practice Christian values.

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