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Published: 2020-02-23 18:11:29
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My name is xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and I am an interested student who would like to be enrolled for a major in Fashion Merchandising & Management at Fit. I have decided to take this direction because in the past two years I have been undergoing some serious illnesses including the cancerous brain growth- brain tumor that forced to go for intensive treatments over the same period. This rendered me unable to work fulltime and therefore have been jobless for all that time. These experiences of joblessness and great suffering have strengthened my spirit and inspired my ambition to other new heights.

Because your vision in the fashion industry is massive, and it always absorbs and seeks new talent which I present, I jump to grasp this opportunity. I realize that my dream is highly possible, because the skills that I have garnered from my classes in music in my first degree have immensely broadened my vision on fashion. It is in this regard that I am putting forward my application for an opportunity to major in fashion merchandising and management at FIT. During my study prior to this application I had acquired a first degree in Music performance and a major in violin.

During this period I managed to amass a wide array of knowledge from the variety of classes that I was attending. I took the following classes; Music Theory: Aural Skills, Music Theory: Written & Aural Skills, Musicology, Music composition, history, many ensembles and many other classes. There are other classes that came along during my course of study which included regional, all state symphony, accompaniment for many events including art and fashion shows, school and state competitions and a hoard of many other activities.

As per now I am reading everything I can about fashion, biographies, magazine articles, everything and incorporate what I learn with the skills that I already posses. For instance I can openly share that the role of music today may be used to assist audiences in an auditorium or a person in the general public to understand and moreover enjoy the new genres of art that are coming through. It should be noted that the main aim of the interaction between the music and art is to main aims are to stimulate and support the creation and performance of new art form that emerge from both genres of art.

Finally it can be identified that these two are used to assist to underpin some of the most original and interesting invention of style. To add on the first degree I also had had 5 years of work experience as a director in Administration & Human Resource field. These periods definitely opened some doors for the future and gave me the opportunity to make great connections with professionals in the fashion field.

This actually means I already had the allowance to experience the working world and develop skills that cannot be fully realized in the classroom, such as teamwork, management and organization, among others. Furthermore I had the opportunity as a Business major in my former college in whish I only took part consistently in 3 semesters left to complete the degree but I got so sick that I had to go through the daily hell treatments. However this only provides the basis into prove that the courses that I have taken are very helpful classes for fashion merchandising and management.

After a great number of opportunities that have come my way in my music career and the work opportunities, I have my focus heavily built because my intention was to gain a variety of experiences in the art industry in general and broaden my perspective further in the fashion industry. These situations serve to show that I have gone through an elusive road to achieve this dream, and I would like to reassure you that my ambitions are highly alive and would only strive to bring them to reality through my immense interest and love for fashion.

I would really love the experience at FIT. The idea of studying at a college with high reputation of producing high quality fashion students and bring their recollection of fashion to a new level fascinates me. To accomplish this dream, I must learn about Fashion Merchandising entry-level positions such as assistant fashion buyer, fashion buyer, catalog manager, special events coordinator, and fashion coordinator.

I have decided to take Fashion Merchandising & Management at FIT to increase my knowledge about contracts and representation and if possible get a outlook of how to start bringing my dream project to reality. No one knows what the future holds for us, but Im very glad that I can choose what motivates and drives me and that is fashion. I am confident that my skills as a music student and my fresh knowledge in business and marketing will provide me with the tools to professional success in the near future.

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