Feast of the dead by Cevdet Kudret Essay

Published: 2020-01-15 23:50:27
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It was January when the world seemed grimmer, streets empty, people went out only for work. A boy who had been to the fountain told to the man he saw that Dursun Agha is dead. Dursun Agha is the one who calls at the street asking if someone needs water, one trip, two trips, three trips and someone would call back, one trip means two cans of water that costs three Kurush. Dursun is asturdy man with a round black beard, has 2 children and a wife named Gulnaz, she help Dursan when someone would call her to wash clothes that only happens twice or thrice a week and earn few more three kurush. The caused of Dursuns death was he had hit his head on the stone bowl under the tap when he slipped. No one ever thought that a tough and durable man could die just like that all of a sudden.

Gulnaz heard the news and didnt know what to do with her children, she didnt know how she can feed two mouths by washing clothes. It wasnt enough. No one eat for 36-48 hours until someone feel the hunger inside their stomach. As a Moslem tradition, when someone died the neighbor will give food to the family whos in grief for a day or two. The first who gave food was from a wealthy man who lived in the white house the tray of food was brought by the maid it was covered in a cloth. No one actually thought of eating that day but when they saw the food it gives them relaxation of feelings. The foods came and it lasted for three of four days. The food stopped coming but they were still hoping until suppertime and they realize that no one will give them food anymore.

They cook food and they found it hard to readjust because they get used to the foods that was given by the neighbors until the day came that they have nothing to eat at all.The children and Gulnaz slept with empty stomach. The next day the young boy told to Gulnaz that it hurts inside, but she cant do anything, they all felt dizzy and hungry. Days passed by until a horse full of bread on its side. Instead of asking for a loaf of bread, Gulnaz froze and didnt say anything, she just let Gods blessing pass by. She went back to her room empty handed. When her son told her that she cant stand anymore, he ask his eldest son to go to the grocery store and asked if he could asked some food to the grocery store and tell them they would pay it in a few days. But the trick didnt work to Bodos so the child left the with empty handed.

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