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Published: 2020-02-13 06:20:16
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When it comes to managing and sustaining limited water resources, Southern Nevada would always be a region to refer to. Though there has been a consistent increase of migrants in this area after the Second World War, the state survived droughts despite the increase of demands of water that can support the population. As the population reaches to its peak, Nevada reached the crisis point in the demand of water resources especially in dry seasons. Southern Nevada, the seventh largest state among the fifty states in America, covers 110, 567 square miles of land and water area.

Land covers more than half of its total area with 109,806 square meters surrounded by only about 761 square meters of water. Big lakes and saline marches that usually dry-up during drought make up most of the water resources of Nevada (Water Resources, n. d). This, in a way, causes water shortage since the 1980s. To date, Nevadan Government admits the fact that there is not much improvement since the 1980s. This has challenged them to make sure that water resources are available whenever needed.

They developed an extensive portfolio that suggests an incentive system for conservation and proposals for alternative water resources other than Colorado River. They are also pushing for a more efforts to educate the people in reducing consumption. The SNWA official website, www. snwa. com provided a comprehensive collection of information that dates developments and changes on Nevadan circumstances and policies regarding water resources. The website is complete and very informative. The links provided in the site were helpful in suggesting articles that contain answers to most commonly asked questions.

The site even had the complete Water Resource Plan for the year. This document pretty much shows the readers everything that there is to know. It summarizes the aims and the agenda of the website, which is to educate the people about water conservation. As a whole, the site would get a very satisfactory for having provided all the information needed, alongside with the photographs of some of the main attractions in Southern Nevada.


Southern Nevada Water Authority. Water Resources. Retrieved June 26, 2009, from SNWA Official Site. Website: http://www. snwa. com/html/wr_index. html

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