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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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When Socrates are given the chance to propose his own penalty, he asked that he be given free meals at the Prytaneum instead of asking to be exiled or for the imposition of a fine even though he knew very well that death sentence was very probable. He remains resolute that he had not committed a crime, rather he was doing the state and its people a favor which made him deserving of a banquet ordinarily given to successful athletes.

Later on, he offered to pay minimal amount of fine to be shouldered by his friends as a testament to his low economic status. 2. An individual dies well if his/her death is meaningful, that is, he did not leave the world without leaving behind a legacy to the people. In the case of Socrates, he has sent a message how injustice prevails the status quo. He did not mind sacrificing his own life as long as the citizenry realizes the mistakes they have committed and thereafter strives to reform the mistakes they have done in the past.

3. When Socrates said that Inasmuch as philosophers only are able to grasp the eternal and unchangeable, and those who wander in the region of the many and variable are not philosophers, I must ask you which of the two classes should be the rulers of our State? he asserts that only philosophers understand the true nature of societies and the truth such that they are the only ones suited to be the leaders of the state.

A person who does not appreciate the concept of justice and beauty cannot possibly lead other people. 4. Plato explores by means of using Socrates character how people perceive the notion of justice, both in the level of the society and the individual citizens. The Republic identifies what motivates people to abide by the laws. The question was concluded by saying that justice is adherence to the established social norms without regard to the implications and repercussions of each on the citizens standing on their own.

Although people may think that injustice has been done to Socrates, Socrates himself succumbed to the majority rule thinking that no matter how crooked the law is, it is still the law and therefore he must abide by it in the interest of the greater part of the society. Socrates demonstrated justice when he stood by what is legal although it is not necessarily right. 5. Thrasymachus opposes Socrates view on justice.

For him, justice is the situation when the stronger group takes advantage of and dominates the weaker group. The laws as well as what is to be considered just are determined by the powers that be. I do not want to identify with his stance because he tends to equivocate justice, corruption and greediness. Reference Morgan, M. L. (2005). Classics of moral and political theory. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing.

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