Friendship: Meaning of Life and Friends Essay

Published: 2019-11-03 17:52:57
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What is a friend? According to Aristotle, a friend is a single sole dwelling in two bodies. People understand the concept of friendship differently, but there is one common ground for it. It is always built on a mutual sympathy. Friendship plays an important role in our lives, to a large extent. Friends can help you find the meaning of life by helping you overcome challenges. They are people in your life that care for you and they simple add joy and meaning to your life.

In some cases it is short and finds its end quickly, while in other cases it may last for many years and grow stronger every year. True friendship is built on trust and mutual support. Your real friend will always find time to talk and try to find solutions to the hard problems you face every day. They are always there to help you and expect the same from you. Friends are psychologically comfortable with each other, and sometimes are emotionally closer than with their relatives. Friends help you overcome challenges you may face at times in your life.

A special thing about friendship is that friends have the ability to do different things like simply talking something through and giving advice or physically helping you Sometimes friends find more comfort in each other rather than family because they might have the idea that there family might judge them, and there friend will tell it right. In difficult times, friends make you see things from a different point of view, allowing you to take time to reflect and examine the situation.

Doing this it allows you to see another perspective of the situation and find another way to overcome your challenge. Not only do friends help you through situations, but they go about this through love. Friends are people in your life that love and care about you. They will not only help you through something but they are the ones that will always be there for you in those times of need. They care about you and how you feel and that is what makes them a true friend. A friend is someone who believes in you when you have yet to believe in yourself.

They help you to find the meaning of life because they let you know that there is someone out there that cares for you and that you are valuable to someone else in this world. Friends are not only there to help you, but they also add fun, happiness and joy to life. They add fun, happiness and joy as you can relate to each other and share the same values about things. Through sharing the same values you are able to laugh and joke about things that you will both find funny as you share the same ideas. They can make you forget about any problems you have by simply having some fun.

Friends can be your whole life as you revolve many things around them. You know you can trust them as much as they can trust you. Friends help us to not take everything in life too seriously and have a bit of fun by simply being in each others company. Friendship has great value in the meaning of life. It is one of the richest treasures of life. Friends help you overcome challenges and difficult times in your life, through talking and physically helping you. They are someone who knows you well and cares about you, so that everything they do for you and through love.

When the crowd dies down after a crisis, your friends are the ones who are still active. Friends will sit with you in the hospital, be with you while you grieve, be available at a moments notice of crisis, come out to help in the middle of the night, stand up for you, lend a hand when there is work to be done, be loyal to you, have fun with you, make you laugh when you are sad etc etc¦ and the list goes on. The most important thing about friendship is that it adds meaning and value to our lives.

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