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Published: 2020-01-26 16:21:50
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Gambling is the process by which one stakes his money with the aim of making more. When one is confronted with the issue of making money, one has to draw a clear line between greed and need for money. The urge for gambling is usually very high that in almost all cases that line is ignored. It easily leads to addiction through which one can end up loosing lots of money inspired by the greed of making more.

When one indulges himself excessively in gambling, there are very high chances that he or she will end up in engaging in other activities that are criminal in nature, in order to sustain the increased demand of more money so as to clear off the debts incurred as a result of gambling activities. Gambling usually gives rise to numerous bad practices that eventually surrounds the gamblers family together with his social life. Gambling should thus be stopped in the United States, by making it illegal, so as to avoid all the ill effects that usually accompany it (Ponte, Para 3).

Gambling should be made illegal in US In most cases, gambling does not serve its intended purpose; it should be a recreation activity. When people engage themselves in gambling their main intention especially during the initial stages when they are introduced into the game, is to relieve themselves from the various problems that they might be going through, loneliness and stress. However, in most cases gambling turns out as a waste of ones quality time and a thoughtless waste of money.

People, who engage themselves a lot in gambling, quite often engage in various criminal activities to enable them to make money since they usually spend most of their time gambling instead of working. The gambling activities are also very money demanding and thus for someone without a sound source of income has to look for alternative ways of making money, the easiest for them in most cases seems to be involving themselves in criminal activities. Gambling usually leads to addiction which makes the gamblers fail to think straight when making certain decisions especially those concerning the financial aspect of their lives.

The addiction of gambling is very strong and makes several people to risk a lot of money, such that if they loose such money they end up in a financial crisis which might affect them severely as well as their family members who will have to bear the burden of debts arising from gambling. As one continues with gambling activities, it is most likely that once his money is over, he will shift from betting money to assets such as cars, house shares and other valuable assets.

This type of betting eventually makes the gamblers bankrupt making them together with their dependants to suffer severely as a result of the thoughtless waste of money. There people who are in fact, so much addicted to gambling that they end up giving up their own careers and jobs hence spoiling their sources of incomes. This activity should thus be made illegal so as to protect all the innocent gamblers who are simply addicted to the activity from suffering financially or even loosing their jobs (Knowles, Para 4).

Gambling should be made illegal since in most cases those who benefit from it are not the genuine gamblers or their families and other beneficiaries. The managers and owners of the casinos are the main beneficiaries of the gambling activities. They usually acquire all the savings a gambler had made in his life together with other valuable assets which the gambler uses to bet in a bid to recover his money lost through gambling. Gambling leads to numerous social and financial problems to almost all the people who are usually involved in gambling activities.

Gambling seems to a very easy way of making a lot of money but at the end it comes out as the easiest way of loosing it. This is an activity that to a very great extent promotes laziness in the society as people are made to believe that it is possible for them to make money within seconds. Gamblers end up loosing their jobs as they concentrate more on gambling activities (Ponte, Para 5). Gambling is a criminal activity, since just like in other common crimes, the criminals benefit from other peoples money and other valuable assets which they do not deserve.

The consent by the gambler does not have much weight since most of them risk their money out of addiction to the game and greed to make more money, a trap that is usually set by the managers and the owners of the casinos. Gambling should thus be considered just like other forms of crime and hence be made illegal so as to prevent more losses arising from it, and thus bring to an end all the criminal activities that are usually associated with gambling (Anderson, Para 7). Conclusion

Gambling is an activity through which a lot of people across the United States suffer a lot of financial loss. There is therefore a need to come up with proper laws that will effectively address this issue by making it completely illegal in all the states of US. When such a law is brought into operation, it will shield thousands of people who loose a lot of money through the gambling activity as well as address all the socio and economic problems that arise as a result of gambling.

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