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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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I read Girl first and I felt that the mother as a nagging soul who was hard on her daughter. I thought that the advice that she gave her was useful in her culture, yet she just gave her so much information at once. I believed that the mother was pushing her daughter toward becoming a bad person because she kept repeating that she knew her daughter would become a slut. People will live up to the standards that are expected of them, and I worried that the character would finally become a slut since her mother felt she would become one.

However, when I listened to the monologue, I was shocked. I realized that it was humorous and tongue in cheek. It was a much better piece when I heard it read aloud. B. The mother is wanting to make sure that her daughter is well prepared for life, and she is convinced that the daughter will not figure out what to do in life if she does not tell her time and time again.

This allows the mother the sense of being important to her daughter. The daughter is typical of young people in that she is only half listening. She is thinking Here we go again. I feel that she sees her mother as a nagging person even though she loves her.


Kincaid, J. Girl. Turkshead Review. Retrieved October 2, 2008 from http://wwwlturksheadreview. com/library/texts/kincaid-girl. html.

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