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Great Britain lies northwest of Continental Europe and is the largest Island of British Isles. It is surrounded by almost 1000 smaller islands and islets. It has an area of 209,331 km? and a population of about 58,845,700 (as of 2006) (National Statistics. n. p. ). After United Kingdom was formed a lot of people started migrating here. Large number of immigrants, legal and illegal came from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Caribbean, South Africa, Kenya and Hong Kong. People also came as asylum seekers. From 1991 to 2001 half of the population increase was due to these immigrants.

At that time they were about 8. 3% of the population. There were about 149,035 applicants who had applied for British citizenship. Most of these people were from India, Pakistan, Somalia and Philippines (National Statistics, n. p. ). Approximately 1,500 immigrants come everyday in Great Britain. This number increases day by day. According to government estimates almost 1. 5 million people had come to UK in 2005 and 2006. These numbers were based on surveys done at the airport. People leaving and entering the country were counted (UK Immigration News, n. p. ).

The home office has estimated the number of illegal immigrants in UK. They say the number could be between 310,000 and 570,000 (BBC, n. p. ). WHY DO PEOPLE MIGRATE? There are many reasons why a person would want to come to Great Britain. Immigrants come to England for higher studies or better work opportunities. Work permits are given to skilled immigrants so that they contribute to the British economy. Any person who has his parents or grand parents in England is also eligible for immigration. A person who is not allowed to practice his religion freely in his own country can also immigrate.

Many immigrants leave their country due to political oppression; such people are also granted immigration (Ozdemir et la, n. p. ). IMPACT OF IMMIGRATION A home Office study released in March 2005 estimated that approximately 310,000 to 570,000 illegal immigrants are residing in Great Britain. When these illegal immigrants come in the country they not only use the countrys resources but sometimes increase the crime level. Though recent study says that these illegal immigrants have not committed any serious crimes rather they have done some administrative offenses but yet, a lesser magnitude of the crime does not mean that it is not a crime.

Moreover, these illegal immigrants also put a lot of strain on housing, health, education and policing in almost all over Britain. Jack Dromey, Deputy General of the Transport and General Workers Union and Labor Party treasurer, said that in 2006 there will be about 500,000 illegal workers (Casciani, n. p. ). Every few years the government of Great Britain produces projections for number of houses in the up coming years. This helps the in planning housing policies. The Projection of year 2000 indicated an increase in households of over 3.

8 million. These projections are sensitive to the number of immigrants. It was assumed that the number of immigrant individuals will be 65,000 each year. This means that these immigrants will contribute about 700,000 households out of the 3. 8 million increase projected from 1996-2021. The calculation showed that there was a requirement of 4. 9 million new houses in England. If the net Migration continues to increase at this rate then in the period of 2004 to 2021 there will be a requirement of 2. 1 million new homes just due to immigrants.

The government projected that they will build about 3. 8 million new homes. When this number is broken down according to regional level the biggest increase that is required will be in London, South East, South West and East England in particular. It was estimated that almost 800,000 dwellings will be build in four areas in the South East; Ashford, the Thames Gateway, the Stansted-Cambridge corridor and Milton Keynes. It was estimated that the cost of just the infrastructure will be ? 20 billion. The shortage of housing has created very serious problems (Migration Watch.

n. p). The Health Protection Agency of Great Britain says that the major source of Heterosexual HIV infection in Britain comes from Saharan Africa. 70% of these cases are immigrants born in Africa. Out of this almost 46% are Black Africans. This is a serious issue and the government should make sure they screen each and every immigrant when they enter the country. But sometimes this is not possible as there is no ways to calculate how many Illegal Immigrants are present in the country, how many of them have HIV or any other disease like TB.

An increase in these immigrants, who have diseases means that there will be an increase in diseases in the country. The doctors cannot find if a person who comes in emergency is an illegal immigrant or any asylum seeker. When these illegal immigrants turn to hospitals for treatment, they put a greater pressure on hospital resources and all the other resources too. The government of UK has barred all Illegal immigrants and Asylum seekers from receiving any GP care. They are blocked from receiving any other care than emergency care in the casualty department.

An immigration spokesman Damian Green said: The only real solution is to remove people who have no right to live in this country¬Ě. But it is very difficult for the doctors to find if a person is an illegal immigrant, so most doctors have to make a careful judgment to provide medical care to that person or not. The government has tried to deport at least 400,000 asylum seekers. They are using different tactics like making it hard for them to live over here so that they will leave themselves.

But not giving them medical care means not immunizing them and this means that there is a risk of outbreak in communicable diseases. Some critics are against this. They say it is not fair for the government to deprive these people of their basic health provision rights as this is a branch of human rights (Slack, n. p. ). The trafficking of drugs and people has increased a lot in past few years in Great Britain. SOCA (serious Organized Crime Agency) says that this is one of the biggest threats to UK. Illegal immigrants pay just ? 150 to the criminals in order to enter England from France.

The SOCA report says that these illegal immigrants make money through corrupt relationships with people working in the financial fields. The government should take strict action against this and make sure that these illegal immigrants are punished because not only they are using other peoples resources but they are also increasing the crime rate of that area. SOCA has said that they will make sure that such illegal immigrants are deprived of cash so that they cannot organize any serious crimes. Camberwell which is in the south of London is the hub of African culture.

If anybodys visa expires they can simply come to this place and disappear. Nobody will be able to find them in this large undeclared economy. Not only they live like anybody else but make money also. Some of these live in very over crowded areas, so that they save money and send as much money as the can to their homes. They also have to save this money to give to the smugglers who got them here illegally. Critics say that it is the governments fault and this is the reason there is a big burden on the economy and the public services.

These illegal migrants are working quietly in black markets and making money. Though their financial and health conditions might not be as good as the citizens but they are depriving the citizens of their resources. The best thing is to ignore them but in that case they will contribute to deflation pressure on wages and prices. Deporting them has also proved costly. However, in future it should be made sure that these illegal immigrants are taken care of. If strict rules and regulations are present to hinder this illegal migration nobody will have the courage to migrate illegally.

(BBC UK. n. p. ). One positive effect of these immigrants is that they contribute a lot to UKs Higher Education. In 2002 and 2003 the tuition fee paid by immigrants was almost 7% of the total higher education budget. International students contribute almost ? 10 billions to the UK economy and ? 4 billions to higher education. According to a survey done by YouGov almost 85% of the people think that immigrants are putting a lot of pressure on public services. Almost 10% strongly agree to this statement, whereas only 10% disagree.

In a similar survey almost 81% of the respondents think that government should try and reduce number of immigrants. Out of this almost 57% strongly agreed whereas only 14% disagreed. When they were asked if these immigrants are a positive impact on the economy, 35% believed that the immigrants have contributed to UKs economy whereas almost 54% disagreed. 48% of the respondents believed that this high level of immigration is due to governments action and that no global trends were responsible for this. 42% disagreed to this (Migration Watch News, n.p).

These percentages show that the people of Britain now understand the impact of immigration especially illegal immigration. People are now concerned because they know that immigrants put a lot of strain on every resource which was initially for the citizens.

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