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Published: 2020-01-27 09:11:42
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I love golf. I love playing the game. Most people, especially those belonging to the younger age bracket may snigger and say golf is very slow paced. Thus, it is a game for adults, since it requires little energy compared to other sports or games like basketball or football. To those people, I ask you to reconsider. Golf, a very old game, has endured time and has proven to be very good to a persons health.

While it does not require from its players perfect cardiovascular shape, it does demand that a player possess stamina, flexibility, and coordination, among others. It requires one to stay outdoors for long periods of time and tread the contours of a golf course for as long as the golf ball does not enter the hole or the cup. For me, however, my love affair with golf is not based on health reasons alone. I am addicted to the positive feeling of being challenged to do better every time.

I take note that no two golf courses are the same; and I look forward to grabbing the opportunity to conquer each new golf course that I play on. This feeling of exhilaration, excitement and determination drives me to be a better player and a healthier person, for I know that in reality, my competitors are not those friends whom I intend to defeat every time. Rather, my real competitor is myself, for every time I play my only desire is to do better and outdo myself.
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