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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Staying focus To know the real man behind the name Cleveland, starts with my dynamic support team, my family. I was fortunate to have a strong foundation in the beginning, that is still on going today. That being said, it has kept me grounded and able to give me the unique abilities that I have in me today. The ability to turn my negatives into positives. Dwelling on issues and difficult situations that occur in my life, is not something I waste my time doing. Searching for solutions, while always finding the positives is what Im about.

Being interested in tasks in my life keeps me constantly planning and preparing for the next phase. Which is teaching Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps in one of Texass finest High School. I have given over twenty years of my life to the United States Army, with no regrets. I never lost that passion for our United States Armed Forces. So my interest now, that it is time for another chapter in my life, which is to teach our next generation the tools in life in setting goals and knowing how to achieve them to become successful in this world.

I look forward to sharing (teaching) with them what that experience has taught me. I will conquer that by informing them how it has empowered me to never give up on dreams. Also letting them know how it has taught discipline, integrity, values, respect, honor and leadership. Among other things such as great sacrifices, for example ; one of my greatness sacrifices that I have made ( with no regrets) for it has and still is my family. It was not easy being absent from my love ones for long periods at a time.

Praying and hoping that it would not be the last time that I saw them again, but that was a sacrifice I was willing to make to ensure a better life for my family and the world. I am very passionate about my family. They are the back bone, as I stated before my strong foundation that represents me. My family keeps me motivated and focus. My wife is constantly reminding and assuring me that nothing is impossible for me to achieve. My gifts, as my lovely wife would explain is that I have the gift of Gab.

I have always been fortunate in being introduce to individuals of high statue, which was caused by someone I made a good impression on. I have been able to touch others lives in a special way that was positive just by conversation. I am a true believer that a great personality goes a long way in this world. My talents goes a long way, from the basketball courts, football fields and now the golf course. The one talent that I am happiest about is I love helping people achieve things in life that they could never imagine doing. Over the years while being a recruiter for the United States Army I met lots of people with no dreams or aspiration to succeed, but after spending a couple of hours with me they changed their views. When ever I approached people my goal was to always put a

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