Graphic Fantasies: Reflections in the Glass Ceiling Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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As I read the essay, the designer pointed out three major points. First is how women are perceived by many. Women are being revolutionized for many centuries. Yet, most are still left in the shadows of the past. Even though there are women who are standing up to pursue the equal rights they have with men, men are the ones who still dominate every field in this world. Another is sexual stereotyping. With the phrase Graphic design is one of the few professions that are free from sexual stereotyping, women shouldnt be labeled in such a way that they being discriminated.

Men and women are used differently in the field of art. Women are represented more than men. But female artists are more hidden than male artists. Women need to be exposed for them to be known and to be a proud representative on artistic world. What it really means to be a woman is another point that is manifested in the essay. It is important to know what it means to be a woman. Its not just by knowing ones sexuality, but knowing deep within ones self how it feels and how it meant to be a woman.

One thing that caught me in the essay was when one student answered the question of what they think feminine means. The students answer is Feminine means Dont tell me what to think. (171) it struck me because women today know what they want and definitely knows how to get it. They are not mindless zombies that you have to tell them what the have to do. They are very smart and talented. They use their wits to be on top of their fields. They are very talented and full of passion. They know their needs and desires and dont need to rely on anyone to get what their heart desires.

The essay is one of those articles that open our eyes and our minds with the reality we are facing. With regards to my daily life, the essay helps me to learn more on the world of women. How sensitive they are and how sensitive we should be to them. Women know how to deal with their lives independently and its really nice to learn that women are powerful no matter what the situation is. Women should not be labeled because of their sexuality. Women should be appreciated and be respected the way they should have always been.

Looking at the curves of a womans body each and everyday, it made me realize how artistic their figures are and how important it is to freshen not just our eyes but also stimulates our mind that there are more in store than just their curves. Women are not just artistic figures you see everyday, but a fantastic personality and strong character that is within them. Works Cited Vienne, Veronique Reflections in the Glass Ceiling. Graphis. FindArticles. com. August 2002. Graphis Inc. no. 340 p. 170-171

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