Green House Gases Burdened by Developed Nations Essay

Published: 2020-02-16 16:52:20
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Isnt so ironic that the developed countries are the first ones striving to address the problem of the reduction of the greenhouse gases? They are unmistakably the primary reason why this problem started in the first place. Their development had come at a hefty price. They are the primary consumers of fossil fuels and responsible for such damaging emissions. Are they feeling guilty or are they playing heroes to the world? Are they playing the role of messiah to save themselves of their own sin? They have the resources to tackle the problem head on.

These developed countries give funds to researches about the threat posed by the whopping increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These developing countries house the most highly-paid and highly-qualified scientists. These scientists have the capacity and resources to do such expensive research. The developed nations governments is now allocating budget for the reduction of green house gases. There are specific groups assigned to monitor and control green house gases from the production of equipments that utilizes green house gases, to the disposal of such equipments.

Japan now has GOSAT or Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite. This satellite is capable of monitoring the density of green houses gases from the atmosphere. It is capable of sending data for the whole globe. What better way of studying what is happening in the atmosphere than to view it entirely from space? Developing countries, though lacking the resources, are active in addressing the problem of global warming. According to the United Nations report on climate, developing countries like Brazil, China, India and Mexico have reduced their emission rate dramatically compared to developed countries.

But they dont go away with clean hands in this issue. They arent burning as much fuels as the developed countries but still the point is they are also guilty of the crime. Developing countries lack the technology of dealing effectively with waste management. Burning garbage is still a common practice in these areas. It may seem irresponsible for the developing countries if they irresponsibly dispose of materials with green house gases. But they dont have a choice, they have to dispose of the garbage or else it will pile up into a mountain.

It seems very unfair to developing countries because they cant expand their economy they way developed countries did. To power a countrys development means burning heavy amounts of green house gases. It really seems unfair to think that the developing will suffer most of the consequences of global warming. They are still incapable of technologies that can deal with problems like rising sea levels, destructive changes in the weather, new diseases and other problems that will arise only if global warming is already present. There should be no debate here.

Global warming will affect the whole globe. Everyone is under the threat of living in an inhabitable earth. So it is necessary that both developed and developing countries work together in to solve the problem. But if Im under duress to choose only one that will burden the green house problem, I will have to go with the developed countries. They have the capability and resources to fund such expensive endeavors. Developing countries should focus on further expanding their economy so that in the long run, if they become developed countries they can help on solving the problem.

I guess the source of the problem is a question of ethics. It sounds wrong that the guilty should save the innocent from its past mistakes, but who else will save the innocent? After all, no one is purely innocent. We all, deliberately or unconsciously, had added to the problem. We are consumers of products that contain green house gases, and we dispose of it irresponsibly. But clearly, there is hope of salvation from the actions of both developed and developing countries. Both have a common goal of saving the earth and keeping it as our home.

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