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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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The first time that we are introduced to Hamlet is in Act I Scene II. It is apparent that the predominant thought in the atmosphere is the death of King Hamlet, Hamlets father. Claudius says; Though yet of Hamlet our dear brothers death the memory be green. This first introduces the Hamlet as mourning for his fathers death, setting the scene for Hamlets mood. The first time that that hamlet speaks is just after Claudius has called him his cousin and son, where Hamlet replies; A little more than kin, and less than kind.

Here he is making a pun on the words kin and kind, saying how feels now too closely related to Claudius. He also says; Not so my lord, I am too much Ithsun. Here he is saying that he feels too much like Claudiuss son. Both of these show that Hamlet is quite witty, and also that he is a good listener, and picks up on other things that maybe other people dont. Hamlet feels that the wedding of his mother and Claudius is too soon after the death of his father, and he planned to go back to school, however when his mother asks him not to he says; I shall in all my best obey you madam.

This shows that although he does not want to stay he will to please his mother. His displeasure at the wedding is also shown in his soliloquy at the end of the scene, where he says; She married. Oh most wicked speed, to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets. Here he is saying how he thought she remarried too quickly and that it is like incest to marry her dead husbands brother. Although the end of the scene, as Horatio is telling Hamlet that he saw the ghost of his father, Hamlets speech becomes quite fast and abrupt, unlike the dialogue before.

This shows that he has strong feelings for anything to do with his father, and wishes to see him again, even though he must be a ghost. In scene III Ophelia is talking to her brother Laertes about the move that she thinks her and hamlet share. However, Laertes thinks that it is just a whim and that Hamlet does not really love her; Forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting. He is saying that although it may seem to Ophelia to be real, it is not and Ophelia should not believe Hamlet when he says he loves her. Polonius also reflects this view, and tells his daughter to ignore Hamlet.

The entire of Act IV seems to reflect Hamlet character and mood. He has come to see the ghost, and even though this is most unnatural he has come any way. This could be because he misses his father, but also because he feels that something is rotten in the state of Denmark. He is unhappy at his mothers speedy marriage, especially to his satyr uncle. Perhaps he feels that the ghost of his father can in some way help him with this. Also he threatens to kill his friends if they do not let him go when the ghost beckons him, even though there is risk; By heaven Ill make a ghost of him that lets me.

He seems to want to speak to the ghost of his father, even more than the risks of following a ghost which may be evil. In Act V, when the ghost tells Hamlet that he was murdered, yet not by whom yet, Hamlet says: I with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love may sweep to my revenge. This shows that already he believes that this apparition is his father, and immediately at the thought that his was murder he says that he will exact revenge. This shows how upset he is at his fathers leaving, reflecting that he thought all along that something strange was going on.

Hamlets reaction to what the ghost tells him seems to be full of emotion; Hold, hold, my heart, and you my sinews grow not instant old. This how bad he is feeling not only for the spirit of his father but also for the fact that he has just learned that his father was murdered, by his uncle, who is now king. He calls his uncle; O villain, villain, smiling damni?? d villain! This is because in old plays the villain was usually described as being evil but smiling pretending to be good as is Claudius.

After he has spoken with the Ghost, Hamlet tells his friends not to speak of the ghost, and also to ignore him if he starts acting strangely; Nay but sweart. He makes them swear on his sword that they will not say anything. This could be because he wants to sort out the thoughts in his head first because this has been quite a big thing he has learned. Also, it may be a way in which he can plan to exact his revenge on Claudius for he cannot stand to be made to act a son to him.

In conclusion, in Act I, Shakespeare sets up the introduction of the story, but also with hints as what is to come later on in the play he plays on Hamlet use of words to show his distaste for the marriage and his uncle, but also by using the ghost to tell hamlet of its fate and also hamlet pretending to be mad it implies that the rest of the play will be much centred on this, and also make us question as to whether hamlet is still pretending to be mad or whether he has actually crossed over the line to madness.

Certainly there are things he does that other people consider madness, but he can also be normal. However, like where he sees Ophelia and is not properly dressed, if he loves her as he says he does it seems that he would not do these things event o her.

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