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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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1)The informal political structure in Chinatown used race and ethic identity for its own advantage. As stated by Kwong, Chinatowns employers can exploit working people because they are able to ignore minimum labor standards without worrying about government enforcement. (Kwong 81) This exploitation is able to exist because it exemplifies the principles of Imperial China. The ideology of tax collection and preventing local rebellions within the informal political structure of Imperial China has made its way overseas along with many Chinese immigrants.

Although it may be an abomination of civil rights outside the gates of Chinatown, a huge emphasis on tax collection went unquestioned due to the ethnic practices of the Chinese people (i. e. political structures). 2)The Steinberg book possesses the title, The Ethnic Myth, as an attempt to divulge the parables behind many alleged certainties concerning ethnicity. The title presents a portal to a realm of ethnicity that embodies the potential to reconfigure entire, or fractions of, the readers perspectives regarding ethnicity.

The books exposure of, The Jewish Horatio Alger Story, exhibits information that depicts far more creditable facts for closure on Jewish success, as opposed to more controversial ones. The prevailing factor that seemed to be the Achilles heal of many ethnic groups was literacy. Embodying high levels of literacy enabled ethnic economic success, and embodying high levels of illiteracy enabled ethnic economic plateau or regression.

For example, if a group was highly illiterate then there chances of higher education, which results in a greater chance for occupational security, would be significantly out of reach. Recapitulating on Steinbergs analysis of Catholics and Jews, Not only did high levels of illiteracy slow the pace of cultural adjustment, but Catholic immigrants also lacked the occupational skills that facilitated economic mobility for other groups. (Steinberg 148,150) In concurrence with Steinbergs theory of literacy, I feel that literacy has a substantial affect on the economic status of many groups.

Reiterating my above logic on literacy, not only would it enable occupational security, but it could construct a more ergonomically lifestyle (Reading: directions, want ads, laws, etc. ). 3)Many influential historical factors may be responsible for African Americans residing in separate residential communities. The main aspect of the Brodkin article that is predominantly accountable for the current residence of many African Americans is the G. I. Bill. Brodkin argues that many African Americans were disproportionately given dishonorable discharges.

This racist exploitation of African Americans was responsible for their job placement in the menial labor work force. Due to the need to work and provide resources for living, it was an inevitable choice for many African Americans to accept the limited, inadequate, jobs. Given that these menial labor jobs were in industrialized areas, African Americans, in there acceptance, were forced to relocate. Thus, as we witness today, there are many neighborhoods in the very same industrialized areas of the past that are predominately African American.

In spite of every historical occurrence that has given opportunity for the evolution of society, even now, there are ambits of societal ignorance regarding racism. An existence of ill mannered individuals that feel there should be a dividing line between the classes. Additionally, many of the same individuals are threatened by the African American community. In a deviation of this principle, reevaluating history, I feel that under calamitous circumstances many African Americans had only themselves for support and survival. When you lack the comforts of money, power, and respect, one tends to supplement with unity.

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