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Published: 2020-02-21 09:40:41
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Liverpool JMU has its own central post room that is located at Bryrom Street Liverpool L3 3 AF. The majority of incoming mail for JMU is delivered to this section, where it is sorted and then delivered to key locations by our own mobile delivery service. The mail room staff our Manager: Jerry Crayden Supervisor: Alan Smith, drivers 1 David Cole driver 2 Stephen Knight drivers 3 Alex Delany. JMU a post-room driver also helps to sort out mail once delivered to post-room. All University outgoing mail is collected from individual departments 3 times on a daily basis then delivered back to the main mail room, to be sorted and then collected by Royal Mail for onward transit. One of my roles at the Redmonds reception, when not busy with callers and visitors is clerical. These include sorting mail as well as signing for and distributing packages within an agreed timescale.

All our mail is sorted and branded into the following mail classes: 1st class small and large letters should be sorted, branded with departmental stamp. Internal mail is sent in orange envelops marked FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. No department stamp needed for internal mail. All Redmonds special delivery (DHL, Parcelforce etc.¦). And courier items will be handed separately to our post room driver with the necessary paperwork. I have got to make sure these items are received in the the mailroom no later than 2:30 pm in order for them to be despatched on the same day. Any internal mail that I sign for I will email the relevant person and also sign it into received book that is on reception desk, for security purposes so not only do I have an electronic copy e.g. email I also have a paper copy.

Problems that may occur with incoming mail and outgoing mail: One of the main problems that we can come across is delays, or even missing mail. To avoid any delays, we make sure that our mail goes out at the right time with the correct postage on them. To make sure we have no important documents going missing JMU have them delivered via recorded delivery, that way we can track the delivery of the parcel. Also any suspicious mail or package that we come across has got to handled we the utmost care and we at reception will then report it to the concerned person in charge e.g. security department

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