Holmes on Homes Episode: Hullaba Loo Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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On Season 4: Episode 10 of the show Holmes on Homes, entitled Hullaba Loo, Homes helped a woman who had been having problems when the construction company she hired to renovate her bathroom did a sub-par job. The show is about Mike Holmes helping out distressed homeowners when construction companies take advantage of them or when construction projects go awry, this episode is a prime example of both. The trouble began when a homeowner, a woman named Simone, noticed a leak in her ceiling from below her upstairs bathroom. After consulting with multiple contractors, they tell her that her bathroom has a tile problem.

From the placement of the problem and on the urgings of some of the contractors, Simone decided to have her entire bathroom renovated. She looks does her research and obtains estimates from different contactors until finally deciding on a bathroom specialist company. After the project schedule was set, and the contract drawn, she paid her deposit. From the start, things do not go smoothly with the project. Although she had taken vacation time away from work to oversee the project, and had called a month before the project was scheduled to start to confirm the dates, the contractors did not show up on the scheduled start day.

Due to the delay, she was unable to take any more time away from work and was not present for when the project was finished. When Simone came home to inspect her finished bathroom she was sorely disappointed by the shoddy workmanship. They did not place receptacles on the outlets or lights switches. The wires were peeking out behind light fixtures, while the fixtures themselves were crooked, and neither the walls nor the trim were painted. They did not even bother to change the doors.

Deeming that the job was not finished, or at least not finished well, Simone decides to withhold the payment of the remaining balance of the project, and the bathroom company threatens legal action. When Holmes went to Simones house, he takes one look at the bathroom and tells her that her disgust at the workmanship was not misplaced. He assessed that the contractors knew what they were doing, but cut corners to spend as little money on time, labor, and materials as possible, guaranteeing a larger profit.

He estimated that only $2,000 was spent on new materials on a $10,000 project. Due to the original problem, the leak that seeped through to the floor below, dangerous mold could have accumulated in the bathroom. Because of this, and the sub-standard previous work, a complete gut was the most viable option. After tearing down everything, Holmes and his crew started over with a bare bathroom. The finished product is pristine, with not just the tile problem fixed but with everything else either redone or replaced, and no corners were cut.

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