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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Children adopted by homosexual parents will become targets of homophobic bullying. According to a teachers association in the United Kingdom specializing on teaching issues, homophobic bullying can affect any young person, for example, someone with gay family members (Association of Teachers and Lecturers, 2006). The teachers association points out that having homosexual parents is enough to engage homophobic behavior. This form of bullying not only persists but worsens throughout the childs schooling because it is one of the most difficult forms of bullying to notice.

The effects of bullying are well known. Leading psychologist Victoria Clarke, among others, notes that homophobic bullying in particular is a serious problem that carries many severe psychological consequences (Clarke, 2006). Victims of teasing and bullying often are often shy and keep to themselves. Most victims of bullying have a hard time communicating to others and have many relationship problems, as a direct result of the the violence that they experience. What these children actually learn from their experiences is that self-expression can lead to actual physical harm.

This necessarily puts a financial strain on the family of those suffering from bullying. It frames the self-esteem of these victims to such an extent that they fail to overcome a mindset where they think that they are victims. They then fail to take positive control of their lives and often spiral into depression. Those who support adoption by homosexual parents center their argument on studies that show that homosexual parenting has no negative effects on children.

These arguments overlook the fact that what is important is the best interest of the child. These studies do not take into account the other indirect negative effects of being raised by homosexuals, like being more vulnerable to sexual abusers not that the parents themselves would abuse their children but these children are more likely to come into contact with other homosexuals who are sexual predators. According to the Family Research Institute, all to almost all childhood molestations of boys are made by adults of the same sex¦

with homosexuals accounting up to more than one third of the pedophiles under studies made as early as 1948 (Cameron, 2006). It is not far to imagine that of the many homosexuals that these children may be exposed to, at least one may try to sexually abuse them. This is a scary number that should not be ignored. Although I do not suggest that all homosexuals are pedophiles, it cannot be ignored that these pedophiles are almost entirely gay.

This link between homosexuality and sexual abuse is well-documented by critics such as Charles Coughlin, who claims that [a]s early as 1948, the Kinsey survey revealed that 37% of homosexual men admitted to having sexual relations with underage boys; and if gay men were admitting these crimes in 1948, when society was far more conservative, what would the numbers be today when people are more tolerant of gay relationships? (Coughlin, 2006). The increasingly liberal attitude society has taken since 1948 points toward an even larger number of sexual predators who come into contact with our children.

Thus, more lives are at stake than what we realize. We have to remember it only takes one encounter with a sexual predator before an innocent childs life is changed forever. It is clear that allowing homosexuals to adopt children is not in any childs best interest and should be disallowed. In no instance should a child be exposed to sexual predators. Children deserve to be brought up in a home environment where there is a balance of male and female influences.

Finally, being adopted by homosexual parents exposes the adopted child to homophobic bullying which is not only traumatic, but harmful to a childs proper physical, emotional, and psychological development.

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