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Published: 2020-01-29 22:02:23
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K1 Give some examples of what you have to do under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

K2 Give two reasons why it is important to follow general rules on hygiene:



K3 What type of clothing, footwear and headgear should you be wearing at work?

K4 Why is it important to maintain good personal hygiene at work?

K5 Why is it important to deal with any cuts, grazes or wounds in the correct way?

see more:explain how to address potential health and safety risks identified

K6 Give one reason why it is important to work in a safe, healthy and hygienic way, when using equipment at work.

K7 Where is the Health and Safety information kept in your work-place?

K8 Match each hazard with its corresponding safety measure:

|Hazard Measure |Answer | |Spillage (1) |Seeking assistance/use correct lifting | | |technique (A) | |Trailing wires when operating |Pick up and position correctly (B) | |electrical equipment (2) | | |Obstacles on the floor
(3) |Clean up immediately (C) | |Lifting heavy loads (4) |Place cable over shoulder and behind | | |operator (D) |

K9a Give an example of a hazard that you can deal with yourself.

K9b List an example of a hazard which should be reported to senior managers.

K10a Describe briefly how people can be warned about hazards.

K10b Why it is important to warn people about hazards?

K11a Give one reason why accidents and near misses should be reported?

K11b Who should you report accidents or near misses to?

K12 Give two examples of how you would deal with an emergency that may occur at work?

K13 State where the first aid equipment is kept in your work-place and who is the registered first aider.

K14 What is the safest technique for lifting and handling that should be followed in the work-place?

K15 Give an example of how to work safely within your position at work and why it is important to do so.

K16 Describe the procedure you must follow when alerted with a fire.

K17 List two possible causes of fire in the work-place.

K18 List two procedures which you should follow in order to prevent a fire.

K19 List where two of the fire alarms are located in your workplace and how to activate them.

K20 Why should a fire never be approached unless it is safe to do so?

K21 State why it is important to comply with fire-safety laws.

K22a List two ways of preventing unauthorised access to the premises.



K22b Why is it important to prevent unauthorised access?

K23 State the procedures you follow when dealing with customer lost property.

K24 Why is it important to report unusual or non-routine incidents to the appropriate person?

K25 State who you should report to in any case of illness or infection and the importance of this.

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