How Ethnic Groups Can Be Unified Essay

Published: 2020-02-07 16:41:04
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I would like to believe that I grew up very diversely. I attend an all foreign language program that was housed in my elementary / middle school and my mom allowed me to attend the Japanese classes up until the three grade when the program received funding for their own school. However, while I was in the program I was able to interact with a many different ethnic groups and because of my age and the fact that my mother raised me to be open-minded and well rounded I didnt see a difference between myself and the other children in the class, in fact at the time I remember having a Mexican boyfriend and an Asian best friend.

Because of my past I believe all ethnic groups can be unified if everyone can accept the fact that everyone is different and embrace everyone for their difference. The act of not liking someone because they are different is a learned behavior and children typical are learning this behavior from the adults around them and society views on that group of people.

A simple and easy to understand example of how people are taught now to like each other is showed in most movies that make any reference to slavery. There is always a part of the movie where two little children, one being white and the other black, start out great friends but as time goes on they learn that they cant be friends or date because one person is black and the other is white. Id be naive to think that in my generation ethnic group unity will happen.

9-11 the US unified as a nation but we still had a negative view on one ethnic group for the actions of a individuals of that group. To this day I still know people who dont care for Muslims as a whole because of 9-11. I do believe that things have gotten better over the year but only in some regions of the world. All I can do is raise my children the way that I was raised and hope that they treat everyone with respect no matter their ethnic background.

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