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Published: 2020-02-11 22:31:12
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The town I am writing about is Mynydd Isa. This is a small town just outside of Mold in Flintshire. It has a population of about 6000 people. The town its self is centralised around a group of small shops. The town is very quaint and houses 3 schools. CCTV The first technology I have chosen to write about is the security camera. There are CCTV cameras installed, albeit discreetly, at almost every social area in my community, such as the local shop, the library, the chip shop and even my school and homes throught Mynydd Isa. Security cameras are set up for any number of reasons but mostly for protection of property and piece of mind.

If a business such as a small corner shop or house felt that it needed a little more security and protection for their premises and prevent their livelihood or cherish home from being vandalised or maybe a theft, what better way to protect it than to install a security camera. This is a great deterrent for the youths who may be hanging around the properties at night. It also gives the shops customers or home owners an extra sense of well being, allowing them to go to the shop at night or even in the cover of darkness, they know they are being monitored by the security cameras.

This is true of many older people in particular, as large gangs of teenagers hanging around , even if they do not mean harm, can be intimidating to an older person. Therefore, having the cameras does allow them to feel they can still retain their independence. Once a camera is installed, it can be connected to a television monitor. This would mean that the owner of the security camera could see exactly what the camera was seeing at real time allowing the owner not to miss anything. Also, this could then be recorded using any simple VCR.

This would allow the owner to record any incidents outside for further reference if required as evidence in court and as the motto goes seeing is believing. There are many different styles and features on a security camera such as night vision. This allows the owner to protect his property at night during the cover of darkness. Some cameras are also built on to a pivot, which allows them to spin a full circle, which would allow them to view a full 360 degrees around it. Some cameras have wireless internet connection that would allow the owner of the camera to watch what was going on from their computer or laptop.

Most security cameras, however, are owned by the Council and are monitored in County Hall by Flintshire County Council workers twenty four hours per day. This is very beneficial to the community because if they see any suspicious or criminal behaviour, they can contact the police who can come to the scene of the disturbance immediately and put an end to it, so this again will be reassuring people in the community that they are safe and well protected from any anti social behaviour.

The Security cameras which are used at the shopping area of Mynydd Isa are the Sony IP Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera. This is because they can move 180 decrees around allowing them to get a better view of the area. The camera is also infa red so they have the ability to see in the dark. The cameras around the shopping area are also strategically placed so that they cover the whole shopping area so no where is left unseen.

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