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Published: 2020-02-12 06:01:29
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Obligation to make the Correct Assessment Change is a petrifying subject to encounter when in dire situations. The feelings we contract, and the ambient emotions we experience, all intertwine with our day-to-day lives. In the event of an immediate decision, your decision, yourself is then and there obligated to make a verdict that could change the rest of your life. Throughout my lifetime I will have to make many decisions that could possibly change the rest of my life.

In the near future I would like to work for a fortune 500 Business as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). As a CFO I am going to have to make certain financial decisions for the company, that could either put us in the hole, or up in the air on a economic scale. For example the DOW indicator for businesses has a lot to do with the CFOs job. I will have to make minute-to minute obligations some more important than others.

For the corporation I will be morally and legally bound to them and obligated to make the business prosper. If sales and profit are up, along with those buying the stock the company will prosper, and so will my position in the company. So by grasping these few concepts about obligations as workers, we can contribute better to our place of work and therefore we can also sustain a better life-style.

As a people if we are not legally and morally bound to our obligations, we have no purpose in the work force. Whether youre a Chief Financial Officer or an employee that works at McDonalds; you will have to make decisions that are obligated to you if its for better or worse. Obligations are decisions are the legal and moral commitments made in order to sustain the value of existence. These choices must be made from time- to time that will ensure the sustainability of the task or problem at hand.

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