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Published: 2020-02-14 13:11:05
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The instructions that are given in that website are accurate and reliable because they provide readers with good strategies that should be followed in taking notes from reading books, articles, and so on. These strategies are commonly used among readers. Readers should read just the abstract, introduction, and conclusion to get a big picture about a book or an articles main points. Then, they should take notes of the main ideas and record all relevant details that are related to them; also, jot down what is repeated such as concepts and formulates. In addition to that, they should date their notes, number them, and paraphrase them. Moreover, they should use abbreviations and symbols in their notes and develop an ideal organizational format such as an outline and a map. Also, they should leave room in the margin for additional questions and thoughts. (retrieved on 16/06/13)

The instructions from this website are slightly different from the first one. Readers here are instructed to date their notes and jot down bibliographic information beside the date including the writers name, the title, the publication, and the date of publication Then, they should make the structure of their notes as the structure of the book or the article; in addition to that, they should write facts and opinions in a way that will make them clear when they review their notes, and they should do the same thing for writing quotations and summaries. Then, they should review their reading notes again and again. (retrieved on 16/06/13)

This website provides different way of taking notes from reading. First, Readers are instructed to read the first chapter of a textbook and focus on understanding the material; they should not take any notes while reading because they may take many notes without understanding them. Then, they should locate the main idea as well as the major details and paraphrase that information. In addition to that, they should summarize that data and record the source of the information.

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