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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Are hybrid cars the answer? Author Jack R. Nerad explains to us in his book, The Complete Idiots Guide to Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (Nerad, p. 5) that With the rising cost in gasoline costs, the hybrid car has exploded into the fastest-growing segment of the American car industry. With this important information we should all stop to ask ourselves why. Many individuals in our country feel that each person must do their part in protecting our environment.

Not only has our population been more educated in recent years on environmental factors that can destroy our planet, but its clear that this impact has enlightened us to start making huge efforts in becoming a part of the solution to save our planet. By using hybrid cars for transportation, we are each showing respect and concern for this problem. We learn from Authors Nick Yost and David Friedman (Yost; Friedman, p.4) in the book The Essential Hybrid Car Handbook:

A Buyers Guide that hybrid cars were first introduced to Americans in our recent history of transportation. When Japanese manufacturer Honda introduced its insight to the American motorists in December of 1999, it also ushered in a radically different concept in modern automotive transportation; the hybrid car. Since this important date in history, hybrid cars are popping up in more and more places, everyday and are even becoming more popular with movie stars and those who are wealthy.

This proves the importance of the utilization of hybrid cars since most of these people can afford luxury vehicles and are using the alternative hybrid cars in their daily lives. Not only are they proving that driving hybrid cars are necessary in changing our ideas about the way we participate in taking care of our environment but they are demonstrating that hybrid cars are attractive and just as useful as other cars on the road.

Everyone in our country must take in as much information as possible about hybrid cars and spread the word that these vehicles should replace all other road vehicles. We can start by educating in our schools and communities where people can learn at an early age the incredible importance of changing our ways of thinking. Children will grow up with a better understanding of hybrid cars and be more apt to create and purchase them.

With the education being spread and used by everyone in our country, it will be a sure way to express that we do care and our taking every single effort in changing over to hybrid cars. Although, it is virtually impossible to transform every American car over to hybrid in the next year, we can only take useful steps in making changes to better our own future and that of our descendents. Purchasing and driving hybrid cars are a wonderful sign that we are improving our ideas about the way we think about changing transportation and our environment to make things better.

Hybrid cars are affordable and will even get cheaper in the future as we learn to manufacture them for higher demands. We will witness a growing number of people buying hybrid cars as we get used to the idea that they are popular and affordable to everyone in our country.

Reference Page Nerad, Jack R. 2007. The Complete Idiots Guide to Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Alpha Publishers. P. 15. Yost, Nick; Friedman, David. 2006. The Essential Hybrid Car Handbook: A Buyers Guide. 2006. The Lyons Press. Edition 1. P.

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