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Once the system is created, it is important to test the system, this is so I can discover any faults within the system and to make sure that I have met the end user requirements The system will be tested with: normal data ( data which is the normal to test) Extreme data ( data which is exceeded test range) Erroneous data( data which is totally wrong to test) Macro testing Formula testing- formulas must be correct and linked to specific cells VLookups- must be correct and linked to specific cells the lay out of the test pan will be in table format , illustrating each test as fully as possible at this stage .

the plan will include the following column heading:# test no . test criteria what is to be tested test purpose why is it been tested data what data is used to [perform the test ie. Normal extreme expected outcomes actual outcome i will produce evidence of my test results by illustrating each one with screen shots and all will be cross referenced and annotated properly this will be shown after the implementation is done . Testing User interface Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 1 Click the command button stock list.

To check the stock table opens The overall stock sheet should open The stock list worksheet opens 2 Click the command button customer details To check the customer details opens The overall customer details should open The customer details worksheet opens 3 Click the command button Build your own pc To check the Build your own pc opens The overall Build your own pc should open The Build your own pc worksheet opens 4 Click the command button Invoice To check the Invoice opens The overall Invoice should open The Invoice worksheet opens 5.

Click the command button Exit To check the Exit worksheet opens The overall Exit worksheet should open The worksheet exits and saves as requested 6 Click the command button HELP To check the help button /Vba opens The help button should open with a message box The help button opens showing a message box Screen shots of Testing : Test number 1 The user clicks on the stock list button and the stock list worksheet opens: As you can see below the worksheet stock list opens and works Test number 2 The user clicks on the stock list button and the customer details worksheet opens:

As you can see below the worksheet customer details opens and works Test number 3 The user clicks on the stock list button and the Build your own pc worksheet opens: As you can see below the worksheet customer details opens and works Test number 4 The user clicks on the stock list button and the invoice worksheet opens: As you can see below the worksheet invoice opens and works: Test number 5 1) the user clicks on the command button exit below is what message box appears this give us 2 options. If I dint want to exit excel is would click no and the message box that will appear is :

If I clicked yes my work would get saved and it would exit my worksheet . Test number 6 The user clicks on the command button (a) help a message box should appear as shown below (a) As you can see below the help button opens . Test number 7 The user clicks on the homage button (1) and the homepage worksheet will open (2) (1)Homepage button (2) as you can see below the homepage opens once the homage navigation button has been clicked Test number 8 The user clicks on the worksheet button invoice (1)as shown below and the following will show(2) (1)user clicks the button.

(2) As you can see below the invoice worksheet opens Test number 9 Stock list worksheet Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 7 Click the command button home page To check the if the button goes to the home page The homepage should open The homepage worksheet should open 8 Click the command button invoice To check the Invoice opens The overall Invoice should open The Invoice worksheet opens 9 Click the command button hide grid lines To check if the gridlines disappear when clicked The grid lines should disappear.

The grid lines did not show on the worksheet 10 Click the command button show grid lines To check the button shows the gridlines The gridlines should show The gridlines show on the worksheet 11 Click the command button print To check the button prints the worksheet out The stockist worksheet should print out The worksheet printed out . Customer details(worksheet) Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 11 12 13 14 15 Design your own pc (worksheet) Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome.

16 17 18 19 20 Invoice(worksheet) Test number Test criteria Test purpose Expected outcome Actual outcome 21 22 23 24 25 Implementation User interface To set up my new computer system I need to use a spreadsheet software package and so I choose to use Microsoft excel. I used this software as it is simple to use for setting up and provides the most commonly used spreadsheet package . This means that the most of the people who are able to use the pc and use Excel , and I know that the employees at PC systems who will be using the system can use the software.

I collected the data for the spreadsheet by contacting Pc Systems contacting office , materials and extra and for the pc parts and other information I used from the PC Systems website. How to record the macros on the user interface and all pages Firstly I used clip are as shown below to get the pictures for my user interface: Below is how I opened the clipart menu Once the clip are menu is opened I searched for the following items for the pictures to come up that I used for my interface clip art menu The following clip art images I used for my interface as shown below.

MACROS Once the pictures are in place I now can record the macros I need to navigate around the spreadsheet as shown below . Step 1 : Firstly I needed to click on tools then macro and then record new macro as shown below Step 2 Then I give a name for my macro . eg macro 1 then press OK Step 3 Now you will see a little play and pause button icon as shown below Step 4 Now I have to select the destination of the macro as you can see at the bottom of the worksheets there are named worksheets eg when I made the customer details macro I will do the following as shown below.

Once customer details has been selected I then clicked stop on the macro button as shown below . Step 5 once I had clicked stop I then clicked on the picture which was relevant to customer details as shown below then right click on the picture and select assign macro as shown here>>>>> Step 6 Then once it has opened now I will select the macro I have just made to link it with the button as show below Once macro 1 is found then click OK and the macro works and it links to the customer worksheet. I did this to all my macros which are link on the user inter face as shown below I used the same method on all 4 of them.

I also have navigation buttons on the other worksheets to return to the user interface so the user can move around my spreadsheet quick and efficiently. VBA code : Vba code is useful for producing message boxes , and are easy to do as shown below and again they are linked to my picture Help I opened vba up as by pressing ALT, F11 together and this screen should appear: (1) (2) entering the code as shown below into vba . I have included the following message for the user so if they have problems with the software or with any formulas or buttons they can contact the helpline so I can help them and guide them in the write direction .

Now right click on the picture as I said before and assign macro and then choose helpline and once it is done the outcome is Now I am going to make an exit button using vba so the user can exit excel immediately and saving there work at the same time . using this button below . this method is used again by right clicking on the picture and assigning the macro as shown below : Then open up VBA as shown above. Now enter the code as shown below Once this coded is entered I linked it with my button as shown in the other example and the out come should be as shown below ..

first click on the exit icon then this message box will appear If no then >>>>> If yes then application quits successfully. Named ranges Once I have entered the stock information into my spreadsheet I need to name the ranges to use them in a v look up . to make it easier for the use to make calculations and search for the criteria needed to run the system correctly Step 1 I highlighted customer details as shown below Then I named the highlighted items customerddd as shown below using the toolbar as shown below :then I pressed enter so that it confirms that the name has been changed and is saved .

I used this method to name all of my ranges and named them appropriately. To show all of the named ranges I did the following Inser>Name >define Then this toolbox opens showing all the named ranges and the formulas in the specific range as shown below . here you can add names and delete them . V-look ups Combo boxes A combo box sometimes called a drop down box is a list of items from which you can choose one item of data. To open the combo box menu I needed to right click on the mouse and select forms as shown below : Once I have clicked on the forms the menu below opened :

As shown above I then selected the combo box item, then I drew the combo box in the correct column to make it look professional as shown below . Once I drew the combo boxes they need to be linked to a Vlookup and I need to format the control to link with the specific sell eg, product number as shown below(2) (1) (2) First I had to right click on the combo box and select the format control as shown below Spinners A spinner button enables you to increase or decrease the value of a number in a cell by clicking the control. firstly I right clicked on the excel tool bar and selected forms as shown below .

Then I selected the spinner from this menu choice as shown below . Then I drew the spinner on my spreadsheet as shown below : Then I needed to format the spinner to a specific cell to make calculations as shown below . i firstly right clicked on the spinner and the menu below appeared I then selected format control as shown below and the following message box appeared . Evaluation In my evaluation I will first of all consider each of the end user requirements stated in the specification in turn and my objectives , and evaluate the success of below are my general objectives.

Start up screen and Homepage buttons and links to all the pages back and forth . I have met this objective as My spreadsheet has a start up screen and various buttons which were requested by the user so the user can move around the spreadsheet efficiently and are able to open and close worksheets also there are 2 other buttons which I used vb code so if the user gets stuck or damages the spreadsheet they contact the help line also there is a save and exit button which will make a back up of the work for future reference and a print button eg.

For the output of the invoice as needed which will save a lot of time compared to the old system where everything is done by paper and when a record needs to be found it took a long time and even got lost on the other hand the spreadsheet saves records and time and is much more reliable and efficient compared to the old system Various work sheets such as , hardware sheet ,invoice sheet etc I have met this objective as there are 4 separate work sheets to separate the collection of data (stock) and the output(invoice) 4 separate sheets helps the user move around the interface smoothly as he can open and close the preferred work sheet as needed.

Automatically store customer details and what they have bought. Once item is bought it is taken away from the stock. Protect the work sheet so no formulas can be altered by the user . Use formulas to calculate total cost and vat etc Labels to help the customer when moving on to a button option boxes to let the user choose the best product eg memory for them Limitations In the system there are various limitations I have recognised.

In one of my validations it wasnt accurate as when I typed in incorrect data the error message wasnt displayed .this would then create inaccurate data as the user wouldnt be aware of there mistakes Improvements In the system there are various improvements that can be made to improve the overall system Also to improve my system I would create a separate spreadsheet that contains each customers details of the products they have previously bought and what they have ordered so the end user knows what the existing customers have bought so the user can deciide to give discount for spending so much money etc valuable customer. End user comments.

I arranged a meeting with mr Anderson who will be using the system to see how he feels about It and helps reduce work load that he originally had to do . I first of all gave the end user a couple of days to familiarise to the new system . Here are the end user comments :  The deign is practical and doesnt irate the eyes the colour is restful and doesnt distract the users attention .  Navigation is easy , as is adding and deleting information  Alternating through the worksheets are very easy  The out out of the system (the invoice) are very organise and very consistant.

The macros , formulas and v look ups help reduce lots of manual imput which saves time .  There are few errors made as validation used on different data helps keep data accurate and up to date My overall comments I think my design is reliable and easy to use , there are only a few things that I can change and they are mentioned in my improvements , I think I have reduced massed amounts of user input compared to the paper work what they had to do before which took allot of time and effort , also the system looks professional and is very efficient and is very user friendly.

User guide Contents page Description Page Introduction / Installing / Opening the system 1 Functions of the user interface Customer sheet Entering customer details Deleting customer details Introduction Welcome to the Invoicing System. This system has been created so that you can create an invoice in a seconds compared to the paper work that you used to do. Installation The system works directly off the USB memory stick, or alternatively you can copy it to the computer and run it from your computer.

Simply press ctrl c on the Invoicing System file, and then press ctrl v in on the hardrive or in my documents on your computer Opening the spreadsheet system  Insert the USB stick.  Next, click on My Computer Next, open the memory stick (a). If the logo is not there then wait for a couple of minutes as computer may be trying to detect the key or press F5 to refresh the page to help the computer detect the inputted device . then click on the invoice system (b) and open the file.

(A) (b) Once the system has been opened the following pop up will appear about the security of the spreadsheet on the screen as shown below If this is presented then simply click on Enable Macros. This will activate the buttons in your spreadsheet . but if you click disable the spreadsheet will open but the macro buttons will not work which will effect the spreadsheets efficiency (C)The screen below will be presented once the spreadsheet has opened below : User interface.

The user interface is the heart of the system which allows you to access the invoice system, and to access the stock list and access the customers list and allow users to choose what they would like to buy. To do this, simply click on the buttons at the top of the screen. These buttons are on all sheets, in the same place and with the same names, they will all open their appropriate areas when you click on them and do the tasks the same . Customers To enter the customers details into the system, you will first need to select the button from any area. This will open up the customers sheet which should look something like the one below.

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