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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Body A. Main Point #1 (The beginning ): i. (Adam Weishaupt): was born on 6 February 1748 in Germany. He was a philosopher that believed in reasoning and science for their existents. on 1 May 1776 Weishaupt formed the Order of Perfectibilists witch was later called the illuminati. This group ended in 1785. ii. Roman Church): The Roman Catholic Church was high in power in europe during this age. They wanted everyone good was the reasoning for everything. The would prosecute anyone who tried to talk about there scientific reasoning. Nicolaus Copernicus for example was arrested for saying the Earth rotates around the sun. This is true but back then the church believed otherwise. The church didnt like these scientist so they started rumors saying the members were devil worshipers. iii. (How it started): These few scientist started a secret group were they could discuss their reasoning in private.

The believe they were enlighten, thus why they called their group illuminati. v. (New world order): The new illuminati didnt start till the 1920s. This illuminati actually had purposes and believed in a One government world. : This is how the illuminati was started but is nothing like the new one. (Transition into main point 2) Now more about these Purposes. B. Main Point #2 (Purpose of the illuminati): i. (Symbols): The all seeing eye. New World Order. One dollar bill. it. (Mission): The Illuminati wants to reduce the population by nearly 2 billion people.

They want to have an elite group of people. They want to remove everyone ho isnt smart or skillful. iii. (Devil): They believe in a god, which also means they believe in the devil. They are not necessarily devil worshipers like everyone thinks, but they do what they believe he wants. iv. (Rules): If you try to break away from the illuminati and talk bad about the group. They will kill you. (Transition into main point 3) People call these theories conspirecies C. Main Point #3 (Conspiracies): illuminati. George Washington and 16 other presidents used a special bible to swore into office.

This bible is the only one that talks about freemasons. i. 9/1 1): Many people believe the illuminati was behind 9/1 1 . They believe Islam is where the pure religion is. They believe Muslims are the best religion and want people to turn on them, so they framed the muslims on 9/1 1, so Americans would not like them. it. (celebrities): Michael Jackson and Tupac both died right after talking about the illuminati. v. (princess diana): People believe they had a part in her death because the traffic cameras were down 25 minutes before her crash. Than came back on 30 minutes later.

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