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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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Web services are self-contained, self-describing, and modular applications that can be published, located, and invoked across the Web. Web services Perform functions that can be anything from simple requests to complicated business Processes. (http://webservices. xml. com/pub/a/ws/2001/04/04/webservices/index. html) We are the habitants of the 21st century. This is considered as the most innovative century of the world. Day-by-day innovations have made the world a global village. Everyday, new models of home appliances are introduced in the market, and not only home appliances but also everything is changing itself day to day.

Even human beings have adjusted their lifestyles according to the modern era. In old days, people used different sources to communicate with each other. They would send telegrams telephoned their fellows. Slowly as their minds began to innovate, they produced new sources of communication. Through many gradual changes we produced and benefited many things. The human mind is very sharp because it can do any new if it is utilized in positive way. This mind had innovated many things. And today the most popular source of communication is the web service. This is also the effort of humans sharp mind.

The web service is the easiest way to communicate people through computer. This service has several benefits and loses. When this service was launched it became very popular and now through this service people have established their businesses. This service provides entertainment, information, professions and benefit people in several other ways. The Colorado Department of Agriculture uses Web services to publish deer and elk tracking data, Jet Blue Airways Corp. uses them to process credit card transactions, and the state of New Mexico uses them for content management.

Enrique Castro through his article focuses on the future obstacles, which will be faced by the society and how will it affect the businesses around the world. Assessing the future impact of Web services is at best an uncertain exercise from todays vantage point. There will be technical consequences, but perhaps the most profound will be its effect on society and business. What will be the effect on IT workers, especially those on developed economies who are?

Concerned about off shoring? Will a 90% reduction in the cost of Enterprise Application Integration projects lead to more unemployment? Or will businesses decide to tackle more ambitious projects with the extra productivity? At the same time, as the technical hurdles to attain a certain level of functionality are diminished, comparatively, business Considerations rises in importance. This means programmers and IT workers will need to get more involved with the business aspects and business consequences of their tasks.

The needs to build on business skills are a frequent theme in trade journals today. Jobs that require business skills and internal company business knowledge are much harder to outsource. (Castro, 2003) Through these scholarly articles and scientific point of view, people who use web service regularly have a bad effect on their health. Using web service regularly and continuously is a health hazard. The rays of computer are so powerful that they can damage the eyes in many ways. It strongly affects the iris inside the eye. These rays damage the brain also.

It has severe effects on the human health. Web Services have a great impact in our daily life. People who are known of the webs Negative and positive aspects try to spread awareness about it. Professional people use web for their work but today the rising question is about the young generation. Is it? Doing the right jobs on the web or just using it for fun, entertainment? It is very necessary to tell the kids about the positive and negative aspects of the web. It is a source to promote awareness among people but nowadays people are misusing the web services in several ways.

The maturing of Web services and interoperability standards allow users to have access to a framework that enables them to access spatial data and applications from anywhere across the network, as was recently demonstrated in the Australian Spatial interoperability Demonstration Project (SIDP) project. This means that data can be obtained from point-of-truth custodians, avoiding duplication and enabling business continuity solutions, saving significant time and money and delivering better information products.

Despite these obvious benefits, this approach highlights a number of issues around security, connectivity, privacy, licensing, etc. These need to be, and can be, dealt with effectively. However, sometimes such issues begin to lead lives of their own. They turn into myths that risk resonating with the decision-makers, hampering much needed Innovation. (http://www. directionsmag. com/article. php? article_id=2011&trv=1) Through different opinions, Web services are very helpful in businesses, media and in our daily life.

It helps us in every field either it is networking, marketing or any other occupation it is a proved fact that without web services we cannot go further in any field. Analysts have analyzed that web services would create problems in the future because people would be using web services above requirement and they will be dependant of web services. Lastly, I would conclude that web services are a way to communicate people across the world. It is a very useful technological service. It provides us better information, entertainment and knowledgeable facts about the habitants of the world.

Today many people are misusing it just for the sake of money and their entertainment. People have made web services a black-money earning source, but we should try to destroy the destructive minds that are providing a wrong impression of the web services to us. It is a common belief of our society that media and web services are very-beautifully playing their role in destroying the youngsters. Web services have negative impact too on the Society, but it does not mean that we start avoiding such a useful source of information.


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