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Published: 2020-02-10 12:30:45
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Analyzing the process and group dynamics involved in the Summit Agenda, it can be argued that each one member contributed specific approaches to address specific tasks and responsibilities given. These then provided the necessary means to become valuable and effective not only in outlining specific tasks and processes but also allow the group to convey relevant information concerning the purpose of appreciative inquiry and how it relates to the educational realm and the professional expansion among educators.

Looking at the division of responsibilities, the creation of the Summit work corresponds to three parts which are then given to each members of the team. Under each category, specific expectations are made for each person to pursue and obtain. Such capacity then gives the necessary ability to address the objectives and goals of the course and actively respond to the topic being discussed. Specifically, these activities look into areas of planning, delivering and reviewing of group work.

Analyzing the contributions of Mahire, it can be seen that she was the one responsible for creating, designing, and implementing new strategies related to the process of appreciative inquiry. Here, it is essential to consider that careful study and research must be made in order to convey effective information and knowledge. In handling this responsibility, Mahire was very cohesive and targets every vital input necessary to complete specific goals.

This then enabled the group to collaborate effectively and cater towards introducing important inputs relevant to the facilitation of what appreciative inquiry is and how it applies within the realm of educational enhancement and development. Due to this, a fair score of 34 points should be given because of the effort, leadership, and direction that Mahire has given to the group. On the other hand, Marlene handled the review part of the group project.

Since she was in charge of this process, she had to make sure that the inputs, text, and other forms of information provided in the presentation are coherent with the given objectives in class. At the same time, considerable attention was also given to the manner the information is conveyed to viewers. This is rather relevant because it can help to encourage participation and induce appreciation of the content presented by the group.

Due to this, Marlene showed a very meticulous eye over details and justified her role in the process of immersion and application of relevant concepts as well as its proper documentation and availability during the presentation. Due to this, she deserves a score of 33 due to her effort and willingness to go the extra mile despite seeing some problems with regards to the way she handles her work. Lastly, Aziz provided a fair contribution to different processes associated in the completion of the project.

He has shown significant responses both as a leader and follower of specific tasks and responsibilities need to be made. It can be argued that I have given considerable inputs necessary to make this project viable and interesting for viewers. Under each category, like my group members, considerable attention was provided in outlining, processing and addressing each problem that may be involved. By having a significant background in the process of appreciative inquiry, it has provided the leverage to overcome specific challenges and recognize new potentials and goals related to the completion of the project.

Thus, I consider giving myself 33 points because of the capacity to cooperate and collaborate towards completing the requirements of this specific project. In the end, the group was successful in fulfilling its objectives. Though there may have been disagreements and challenges in some areas, specific attention was given towards improving the capacity of addressing each ones needs. Due to this, we were able to overcome these setbacks and focus on what is really important. That is why each one deserves credit for their contributions and actions.

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