Investigating Robbery, Burglary and Larceny Essay

Published: 2020-01-22 03:50:44
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Investigating a case of robbery requires employing all the important elements involved in criminal investigation beginning with crime scene processing, interviewing both victims and witnesses, possible method analysis of perpetrating crime, and checking records. The incident of the robbery occurs so quickly, most of the victims are either in a state of shock or surprise.

Hence, victims statement should be properly analyzed and investigators should be careful about possibilities of wrong estimation of things by perpetrators age, height, and weight by the victim. The important aspect of initial investigation is to have careful retrieval of information present in victims subconscious mind.

Investigation in burglary begins with the crime scene and it begins with entry and exit. The possibilities of getting fingerprint evidence have been higher at the above mentioned two places as at these places the offender may take off his gloves. A very close analysis of the exact entry point is required.

The possibilities of a forced entry and the use of any tool have to be ascertained. Apart from these, other physical evidences in form of dusts and small debris should be collected as these small bits sometimes connects with offenders clothing, tools and the stolen articles. This form of crime is stealth in nature, possibilities of a witness are bleak and the whole chain of perpetrated crime scene is being created by linking various smaller elements in a chain of events.

Larceny has been a crime of opportunities with possibilities of perpetration can be any local setting. Investigation agency looks into the place of incident and tries to ascertain the periodicity of larceny in that area. Even the frequency of the incident of larceny is being correlated with the articles that are of being stolen.

As in this case also, possibilities of getting a witness is bleak, the investigation agencies look of any CCTV footage to get hold of perpetrator and in case of absence of any visual assistance, a list of all visitors is developed and are interviewed over certain issues like the purpose of visit and information they could provide about other visitors.

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