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Published: 2020-02-20 23:02:36
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It is not always a piece of cake to tackle communication problems such as the one presented in the case. Dealing with ten different top executives and preparing manuscripts and outlines for them is a tedious task in itself. However, the potential problems that could arise in such a situation include: ¢ Lack of information about last minute changes in the guest list. Often some senior industrialists and elite guests choose to keep their attendance anonymous so as to not attract a great deal of attention.

¢ Coping up with ten different executives each with a different skill set and requirements can be quite hectic. It is surprising that Allen personally attends to all of the team at Staples Inc. in handling their speeches, manuals and manuscripts. Though she may have secretaries and other workers to help her, it clearly is an antagonizing task to cater to the myriad of requirements from so many different souls. ¢ Creativity flows. For how long, nobody knows? It is necessary to ensure that no two speeches are the same for two executives or for the same executive on two different occasions.

Ensuring this requires a lot of creativity and writing flex. ¢ Knowledge about the audience. It is not always known whether the attendants will be a sports perspective media or a business perspective media. Most of the times, the media may even switch over the news if after attending the press conference they feel the need to do so. ¢ Anticipating the mindset of the media and the attendants. If the media is in a mood to play the ball, they may report the minute mistakes and glitches in the statement.

They may try to catch a loose end and stick to it. Taking care of loose ends and ensuring that nobody is able to get at the organization is another visible problem. ¢ A good message told in a sad environment needs a different vigor while the same in a happy environment needs a dashing appeal for it to be noticed. These minuscule details weigh a lot in front of the media and are of utmost important to somebody like Allen for whom ensuring flawless communication from the executives at Staples Inc.

is a key goal. ¢ Secrecy is the most important issue. What the executive is going to speak upon, its contents, etc should be guarded carefully. Otherwise, several consequences exist in the business world where cut-throat competitors and the general media are waiting to catch on rumours and grapevines to throne and dethrone firms and individuals. Facts Staples Inc. has ten executives who deal directly with Elizabeth Allen when it comes to formal communication with the outside world.

Allen was to be given an important task within the next three days that would weigh on the companys image greatly. The need for Allens communication to be perfect was repeatedly stressed by the management. It is of paramount importance that the communication be of the form that the executives feel comfortable in: manuscripts for some while outlines for some. Allen probably had the most important job in the world of communication for Staples Inc. The task at hand was to prepare the speech for Staples Inc.

disclosing the fact that it had chosen to name a hockey and a basketball arena in Los Angeles. Naturally this brought out the sports media instead of the business media. Analysis Critical analysis of the facts presented in the case suggests that there are quite a few problems in this profession that need to be addressed correctly. It is possible that Elizabeth Allen, due to her experience may have reached a level of expertness that she may not need to go through the tiresome process of acquiring information from a verity of sources.

This can be possible when one stays in a certain profession for a considerable period of time; this results in establishing spies and partners in various organizations who pool in information for money or otherwise. Similarly, ensuring that all the nooks and corners of the organization are sealed is something that professionals like Allen strive to achieve and reach a satisfactory saturation point within the first two years in their responsibilities.

Anticipation of the media, audience ad the guest list is somewhat an intuitive task requiring more gut feeling than formal research. With time and a little grapevine, it is possible to estimate attendants and their attitudes with satisfactory trust. However, surprises do occur and rare events are not totally impossible in spite of secrecy and care. Elizabeth Allen and other professionals managing communication within organizations have immense responsibilities and thus need to have a great deal of academic aptitude and creative skills when it comes to their selection.

This is because at the end of the day the executives speak what they have been guided to and for that to be flawless, it is necessary for the person preparing and mo monitoring them to be brainy and filled with creative juices. Conclusion Discussing some of the major problems like anticipating the audience, their mindset, the media approach and ensuring creativity, the case presented in itself a lot of challenges for communications professionals like Elizabeth Allen in multinational corporations.

Dealing with so many executives, mistakes can happen very frequently, however the case did not mention any such by Allen. Thus, it is safe to assume that Allen was an efficient manager employing most of the tools and techniques at hand described above to ensure that communication was flawless from the executives of Staples to the people who mattered the most their customers, shareholders and the press.

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