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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Jesus may be considered as the most famous person who ever lived in the world. Of course, some will disagree by the notation of person for they believe Jesus is the son of God who was sent to the world to save mankind. Who then is Jesus? If one will ask each person in the world, there will be millions of possible answers. Some will consider him as someone from history while there are some who regard him as a very holy. There was a song about Jesus being a superstar. How did he become like one? There should be a logical reason behind. Of course, the bible has an answer.

However, for deeper understanding, one must understand Jesus in different perspectives. biblically and historically. Life During the Roman Empire To understand who Jesus is, one must first learn the nature of society he was in. During his existence, the Roman Empire reigns in most parts of the world. It was founded during 500 B C. Its wise men were absorbed in conquering more land by war and broadening their economy. Little attention was given to philosophy and religion especially when you compare it to other aspects of the empires affairs.

Things turned when people under the domain started to seek for comfort and hope during their trying times. The land lords are becoming greedier and demanding on the people. With no appealing cult to resort to, people started to search for philosophies that will bring about hope and perseverance. John the Baptists Influence Jesus was born during the time when Jews felt the most oppressed by their lords. He grew up in a Jewish family in Nazareth. He became as one of the most intelligent man in his time even with the absence of formal education.

In his early years, he joined the group of the alluring preacher John the Baptist, who according to the bible, baptized him in the River of Jordan. The mark of Jesus popularity boomed after the execution of John the Baptist. Herod ordered the death of John the Baptist to prevent the rise of a rebellion. Rebellion was on the verge of coming into actuality because of the growing number of members of the charismatic leader (members include Jesus). After Johns death, Jesus continued the ministry. He sustained the teachings that his antecedent started.

The members of Johns ministry listened to Jesus and eventually loved and respected him. Jesus became more admired by his members because of his teachings on converting hatred to kindness, loving ones neighbor even he may be your enemy. He taught unconditional compassion in a form of parables; nd gave people a reason to continuously hope for change and peace. Religion vs The Roman Empire By strictly scrutinizing the history of the world, Jesus became famous because of the deep need of people of hope and console. The Roman Empire didnt give people, especially those in the lower class, an easy lifestyle.

Men needed to contribute to the labor force, if not become a warrior for the battles that empire was engaged in. Education was mainly for those who can produce gold and silver. With this kind of environment, the rise of someone who will unconditionally share his knowledge and love to his neighbor will definitely be well-appreciated. People were thirsty of compassion; people realized there maybe no more human being who will show the same generosity like what Jesus showed. It can be said that because of the unpleasant image of the Roman Empire during Jesus time, all his actions were given very much appreciation.

This appreciation grew to have deeper meaning. Appreciation gave birth to trust, and from trust to hope. Hope that Jesus may soothe their pain and give light during the hard times caused by the empire. Jesus Jewish Background Jesus grew up in a mainly Jewish community. To stress it, Jesus was born Jew until he was evangelized. In the point of view of the Jews, Jesus was simply human. Nothing extraordinary or holy. He was popular because he was among the few who angered and became a threat to the Roman government because of the wide array of followers of his ministry.

Like any other wise Jew during his time, he taught the values of Moses and prophets in Judaism. Christianity and Jesus For the Christians, Jesus was sent to earth by the Father for the salvation of man. He was born to a virgin mother and a humble father. His lifetime was spent in spreading Gods words and teaching people of love, compassion and sacrifice. Majority of the worlds religions actually give high regards to him. Christianity, although divided into hundreds of sects, honors Jesus as the one who was crucified on the cross to wash away the sins of mankind holy son of God the Father.

Christians consider the bible as the best biography of Jesus, with versions written in thousands of languages and dialects. Varying Views on Jesus To consolidated the varying views about Jesus, one must understand that different kind of audience have a different opinion. This issue can never be resolved no matter how much time pass. For the Jews, Jesus is only human who became famous because of his bravery against the Roman Empire. For the Christians, Jesus is the son of God sent to save people and the future generations from the sins of the world.

For the Muslims, Jesus is the last prophet sent by Allah. Historically, the fame and charisma of Jesus root on his social and political influence. People oppressed by the decrementing quality of Roman politics felt to have a hero in the person of Jesus. His preaching even gave more glitter to his character that made him not just like the peoples teacher/mentor but more importantly, hero. This heroic image was then passed on from one story to another as something valiant and extraordinary that people thought of him as a Savior.

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