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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:15
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Juvenile justice cases are closely watched and highly confidential. There are various steps involved in juvenile justice system When the Juvenile probation department takes over the case, the intake officer will analyze the case then decides whether to terminate it or have it heard in a court of law or handle it informally if need be. As the juvenile awaits trial he or she may be confined in protected custodial facility. The judge will determine if the juvenile would be in custody throughout the hearing or not based on the crime committed. Over 60% of the juvenile cases are heard informally and most of them are dismissed.

This happens when the juvenile pleads guilty and ready to undertake the court requirements usually arrayed in a consent decree. The requirements vary from compensation to paying for damages or compulsory curfews. Rehabilitation would be another option incase of drugs and alcohol abuse. Once all parties in question agree to the consented decree the juvenile will be set free on probation pending fulfillment of the commitment failure to which the juvenile will be subjected to a formal hearing in a juvenile or criminal court depending on the crime.

If your son has been arrested by the law enforcer, the mistake committed is ascertained to determine if the youth should be held in custody and charged or be released or could be transferred to a different youth program based on the matter in question. The decision is made based on the current crime committed or previous crime records if any. The juvenile could be held in adult prison as the authorities try to consult the parents and make transfer arrangements. In the adult prisons the Juveniles are isolated from the adults and are required to be move from this adult prison within six hours from arrest.

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