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Published: 2020-02-24 10:52:59
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The Kashmir dispute is there from the independence of India and Pakistan and after various confrontations during wars the problem still persists where the United Nations and other super powers have been unable to resolve. The relations between India and Pakistan are solely dependent on the conflict of Kashmir and for this reason the bilateral relations between the two countries are minimal. The history of Kashmir depicts its majority of Muslims and therefore Pakistan has very strong emotional and religious ties with the people of Kashmir and they cannot agree with the disputed acts of the Indian army in the Kashmir.

The disputed territory of Kashmir is the oldest conflict that has yet to be resolved by United Nations between India and Pakistan. The history of Kashmir goes back to the independence of Indian Subcontinent from the British Empire in 1947. The division of Indian Subcontinent was based on the majority of the religious population so if an area has a majority of the Muslim population that area was supposed to become a part of Pakistan after 14 August 1947.

The ruler of Kashmir was Sikh and was against the Muslims of Pakistan and therefore he resisted deciding Kashmirs succession to either Pakistan or India because if succeeded to India the Muslim majority would not have tolerated. But the situation went wrong when ruler decided to force some taxation laws at the same time and initiated a rebellion from a separatist group in the Western part of Kashmir. The pushtons, residents of the North Western Frontier Province of Pakistan, backed up by the Pakistan army entered the Kashmir and announced independence from the Sikh ruler (Schofield, 2003).

The rebellion was spreading to the Eastern part when Sikh ruler signaled Indian army to take control of the remaining area. This ignited a war between the Western Kashmir and the Jammu & Kashmir controlled by the Indians. The ruler ran away by selling the Indian controlled Kashmir to India very cheaply. The war ended with the setting up of a control line between the two Kashmiri regions and Jammu & Kashmir became a disputed territory waiting for the resolution. The relation between India and Pakistan are currently dependent upon the conflict resolution of Kashmir.

Both of the countries are quite reluctant to indulge into arm activities in the other country that could somehow impact the peace and economical conditions but the issue of Kashmir always gets the last file on the discussion table. The point of view that is forwarded by Pakistan is an election that should be fair and free from corruption handled by the United Nations and overseen by international observers that could enable the Kashmiri people to decide their fate by either succeeding to India or Pakistan.

The problem is that after more than fifty years, India has not agreed to conduct these fair elections. What they had been doing is the conduction of the election that makes the Indian backed party to win. Traitors like Farooq Abdullah are consistently hindering the objectives of the Muslims living in Kashmir to get freedom. Many war have been fought between two countries which include the war in 1947, 1965 and then in 1999. The centers have been the borders of Kashmir and if not Kashmir the objective has been to make the country weaker by attacking sensitive areas to dictate surrendering.

Kargil war, Sia chen Glacier war and other have taken place which have continued to take thousands of lives of the Muslims living in Kashmir and the soldiers of both the countries but the stance of both the countries remain same and no one has backed down by a single percent (Schofield, 2003). United Nations always has been there to involve and stop the war but it hasnt been able to force India to call up free and fair elections that has even triggered criticism from high profile political personalities. No matter what are the causes, United Nations has failed when it comes to the consensus of Kashmir.

The confrontations of the two countries are not only limited to the wars that have taken place. In every walk of life both of the countries have tried to cause barriers in the progress of the other. The Indian Intelligence Agency RAW has been found involved in various separatist movements in Baluchistan and NWFP province of Pakistan. They have also been found to have supported different terrorists groups in Pakistan. The war of 1971 which ended in the Independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan was because of the Indian army supporting rebellion in East Pakistan.

The nuclear assets have been in discussion all around the world and the most responsive area is still the Indian Subcontinent where both countries have tried to make their defense invincible (Bose, 2005). Both countries have tested their nuclear bombs and are active in missile preparation. The political leaders and head of government have placed various meetings so that the countries should come close to each other for mutual benefits but because of the Indian stubbornness in the Kashmir issue, all these discussions have been useless.

The serious discussions started in 1999 when President Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf of Pakistan came into power. He was more reluctant to resolve the Kashmir issue and remove the barriers between the two countries but the situation has become flawed after he departed (Bose, 2005). Both countries have been accusing the other for the terrorism in their country and because of the recent Mumbai attacks the confrontation became inevitable as the armies from both countries came face to face on the borders.

The residents of Jammu & Kashmir controlled by India became involved in the fighting after 1990 when Indian army initiated an era of power and ruthlessness by killing and raping Muslim women. Before that it were the Indian and Pakistani army who were fighting at various battlegrounds but in 1990 the Kashmiri residents became active as well. After these incidents, the men from the victimized families entered Pakistan and got training from the Pakistani army. This was the start of the separatist movement so called rebellion by the India.

Pakistan after 1990 changed its policy towards Jammu & Kashmir because of the change of the approach of Indians towards the Muslims of Kashmir (Wirsing, 1994). From 1990 to up till now it is thought that around hundred thousand Muslims have been martyred by the Indian occupied military in Kashmir. Whatever the reasons are there that are resisting India to take evasive actions that could guarantee a free and fair consensus has made India a culprit. United Nations silence in the issues against the Muslims has ignited a fierce response from various Muslim countries starting the armed wars.

The issue of Palestine is another one where United Nations has become an observer rather than solver. The Kashmir issue is much more than the territorial dispute because it is primarily a problem of beliefs and principles which India has been resisting to solve and the major powers of the world are silenced because of the economical benefits they could gain by supporting India. When the countries confront dialogue the solution of the issue becomes another problem because it is quite clear that India will not give up Jammu & Kashmir with fair consensus.

There must be something else on which both countries could agree upon. One such solution was forwarded by Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf, then president of Pakistan to join two Kashmir regions i. e. which are under control of India and Pakistan and make it a demilitarized zone where the people are free to travel. This way the Kashmir issue will be resolved and the relation of both countries will also prosper but it seems that it will not happen any soon because of the strength of stance from the both countries to not to give up their accessed lands.

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