Killing- the only way to solve problems? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:15
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At about two oclock. The argument between the Montague and the Capulet has once more messed up the whole town. A woman with a baby said: It is not safe to walk on the streets with children any more. This is the third time that the two (Montague and Capulet) families have been fighting against each other in open public places. If anything like that happens then it must be those two families. Sampson who is a servant of the Capulet family, and Abraham who is a servant of the Montague were the main people of these incidents.

From a witnesss information, Sampson started the fight. He went up to Abraham and annoyed him by telling him that he is better than him as a servant. Abraham did not care about what he said and walk away. Sampson didnt get what he wanted, so he kicked the old man who is also a servant of the Montagues family. Abraham could not stand the rudeness of him. So he asked to draw with that man. As soon as they took out their swords, all the people who are in their families took out their swords as well. They messed up all the markets.

It was like a war: Chickens were flying across the streets: vegetables were making to pieces. Women with children were running away trying to protect their children. People were throwing things from the windows¦ On of the Capulets servant said: Capulet heard the noises out at the center place. He asked for long sword. And run out to join the war. When Montague heard about the fight, he wanted to fight as well. Because he knows that it must be the Capulet that they were going to fight with. His wife held him, but that doesnt do anything.

He told his wife to let him go and he went to fight as well as the rest of the family. Why cant the two families be peace? That is a question that many people have tried to find out. Both families had been against each other since a long time ago. If one does some thing wrong, the other must have some kind of reaction to it. Conflicts and conflicts over and over again. God knows what happens next between the two families. Minutes after the fight started. Some one went up to the bell tower, and ran the bell.

Prince Escalus came to the place with his train. As they go pass, all the people were running away from them, because they didnt want to get arrested by the prince. When the prince arrived at the place where the fight took place, everyone stopped fighting. The prince spoke, and mentioned that the old Capulet and Montague have disturbed the quite of the streets. And if they ever do that again, their lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace. Both Capulet and Montague ended up going back with the prince in the afternoon.

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